Monday, May 10, 2010, 22:32 - General
Posted by Administrator
I thought it was April showers and May flowers. Not here. I don't mind the rain so much but the wind can settle down a bit. And the temp, I like it cool(some would say cold), but with the wind and rain it needs to warm up a bit. I'm not going to go for a walk in this stuff.

I saw some friends the other day and they made me feel old. If you are reading this Haley, Jaycie, and Kassidy; you all have grown up a lot since I last saw you.

Angela said Christina is sick tonight. Poor little girl. Daddy has you in his thoughts Christina.

I'm syncing the iPod before heading to bed and it needs to hurry up. Maybe I'll go see if it is still windy out before bed.

Have a good night.

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