Weekend Update 
Monday, May 17, 2010, 00:16 - General, Doctor
Posted by Administrator
The weekend went wonderful. We had beautiful weather all weekend and Christina and I were able to spend lots of time outside. Sunblock weather it is.

Saturday morning Christina and I headed for the Kademan Family breakfast. We picked up grandpa, Julie, and Marilyn. Hope you are feeling better Don. Christina did excellent on the way there. She even was turning to look at Marilyn and listen to the conversation Marilyn and Julie were having. It was cute. And to add to how proud I am, it was the first time Christina had anyone in the back with her. Christina ate super well as usual. She played with grandpa and walked well for him. Christina also showed off how well she knows the alphabet. Christina said individual goodbyes when we left and had smiles for all.

Saturday afternoon grandma Kar came to visit. Christina was pleased to show our singing talents. And she wonderful walking in the yard. Thank you grandma Kar for the kitchen items and gas can.

Sunday Christina and I went to the park. We had a blast going down the slide. I still fit, yea me. Pam and Jake came to watch. Christina was giggly and wanted to show them how well she walks in the sand. Grandma Kar also came to watch, she even treated to ice cream. Yum, Christina ate most of it of course.

And, I even got the lawn mowed this weekend.

It was a fun weekend. Miss you Christina.

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