More sick 
Friday, December 11, 2009, 22:02 - General, Christina, Doctor
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I still have a cold, Christina has been keeping it at bay, and Angela went to the ER tonight.

Angela has pneumonia. Of course the pharmacy messed up again and didn't have the right prescription so rather than telling her they couldn't fill it they called the doc and gave her something else.

The rest of the day was so so. My day went quick, even with headache and coughing. Angela feels like she got hit by a truck. Christina was been whiny much of the day. I'm not sure if Christina is getting sick, just feeling icky, or doesn't want to do the things mommy is able to.

When I came home from work Angela headed right to the ER. Angela was just cleaning Christina from supper. I took Christina and started to heat up some leftovers for myself and Christina threw a fit. After the rounds Christina and I have gone over meal time, I think she thought I was going to put her in her high chair for her to eat supper. After a time out and some cuddling on the couch, Christina calmed down and I ate.

Then walking time. We(more like me) took breaks after two laps up and down the hall. Then we would do it again. We lit candles and turned on the Christmas lights for mommy before she got home.

Again, it isn't as early as I would like. Bedtime for me.

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