Cole and I 
Saturday, March 28, 2009, 21:41 -
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Cole, mommy, Crystal, Evan and I went swimming last Friday. I had lots of fun. Mommy and I were chasing Evan. Cole was not so happy and I tried to comfort him but it did not work.  I swam for an hour. It was great.

This Friday Cole was over all day and we played with blocks. Mommy spied on us while we were playing. I also went over to Debs and I hung out with her for about an hour with out mommy. She did say later that she was peaking in on us, she saw that I gave her kisses and hugs.

On the 2nd of April I have a doctor appointment with Burnstien, my neurologist. We will keep everyone up to date if there is anything new.

New stuff that I am working on is talking and singing. I really like hard music like Pearl Jam and Slipknot. My walking has taken a backseat for now because of everything else I am working on sitting and grabbing stuff with two hands. I really like hangers. I can stick my head through the center and transfer from hand to hand.

Mommy and daddy have also busted me on my behavioral issues such as manipulation and being extremely impatient. So I am not getting away with as much.

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