Cinder City Days 
Monday, June 14, 2010, 22:49
Posted by Administrator
This past weekend Christina went to Cinder City Days. We did not plan well, but we improvised and had fun. Lets start with the beginning of the weekend.

Saturday we went to the pool. Christina did amazing in the water. Christina took great steps in the pool as we walked from each end. Her steps were high and she kept her feet flat. Christina is getting so tall, she can walk almost half way to the deep end before the water gets to drinking level. And Christina still enjoys a good swig of pool water. We also kicked and splashed. Saturday Grandma Kar also came over and sang with Christina. Christina taught grandma some new songs.

Christina also did some walking outside in the gait trainer. Christina still amazes me with more progress each time. She really enjoys going from one end of the deck to the other. Christina's determination really shows in her actions.

Sunday we went to see James, Robyn, and Ben participate in the triathlon. Christina and I both slept in so we did not get there at the start. Christina walked to James and Robyn each and gave them hugs and kisses. Thank you James, Robyn and Ben for your participation.

After the triathlon we headed for Cinder City Days. That is where I goofed. We got there a little after 11 and it didn't start until 1. Christina and I waited for Haley, Jacie, and Kassidy to get there then we walked to the park. Christina went down the slide and of course enjoyed that. Christina and I went down one slide while Jacie and Kassidy took turns going down the one next to us. We also went on the swings they have been hit or miss for me and this time was a hit. And I mean huge hit, Christina was giggling and laughing up a storm. We also did lots of walking. I think Christina liked the feel of the damp grass. Then back to Cinder City. While the girls got tickets Christina and I had a snack. After seeing some of the sites, we headed for the fishing game. Christina stood in line to wait her turn and I can tell you she does not like to wait. Once it was her turn the little princess walked right up to the pond and took the fishing pole. With some help getting a good grip she was on her own. Christina caught her fish and went to get her prize. Christina came home with a sparkling baton.

After a big lunch and some quiet time we headed back outside for more gait trainer time. Again I can not say enough about how well Christina has been doing. She is so proud when she reaches her goal.


Picking the prize

Reaching the end


Proud Daddy 
Monday, June 07, 2010, 21:00 - Doctor
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I wanted to share how proud of Christina I am. We have been working on walking in the gait trainer. Christina prefers walking on the deck over the sidewalk. The determined little firecracker goes from one end to the other by herself. And that is no small task, the deck spans more than the full width of the house. It is my true pleasure to give Christina her shoulder ride for doing so well.

To add to Christina's excellent job, she has worked up to going from one end to the other and back in one shot. AND, Christina has made the trek more than once in a day. I enjoy my job of cheering section.

Good Job Christina!!!
Local UCP site 
Thursday, June 03, 2010, 07:52 - General, Christina, Doctor
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Yesterday I was able to help the UCP office in Eau Claire for a change. I assisted with getting some of the more current news up on the site. It felt good to be able to help them with all they have done for Christina, Angela, and me.

Lots more going on, but don't want to go into details now.

Today I need to get the last of the laundry put away and a quick check on email before going to pick up Christina. I am so glad when she is here. Tossing the idea around of taking her to see the planes. The airshow is this weekend. Christina is a fan of the Blue Angels flying overhead.

Last year, Angela and I were worried that Christina would 'freak' out when they flew close to the house. In an attempt to prepare Christina, I took her outside where we could see the planes fly by and the noise was much louder. As it turned out, Christina loved it. So Angela took her outside again later when they started flying by again and I took pictures.

Here it comes........... zzzzzooooooooooommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm :)
Helping in the Kitchen 
Monday, May 31, 2010, 09:49
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Christina was a big help this weekend. Sunday we made pancakes and Christina helped mix the batter. After breakfast she also helped sweep the floor. Christina even helped with the dust pan and little broom.

Saturday Christina and I went to Irvine Park for Kevin's long awaited reception. Christina ate super well. I think she likes Kevin's cooking(he grilled). After eating and visiting we joined Aunt Sheri and Dylan playing on the slide. Christina and Dylan both sat on my lap for a trip down the slide. Both did excellent sitting well and holding on. I forgot to bring the camera to the play equipment so I did not get a picture. I'm still kicking myself for that. Then we headed for the animals. Christina got to pet a donkey and a calf. We also saw big turtles. One of them was eating lettuce. Most of the animals were trying to stay cool so they were hard to see. Then we stopped to get our feet wet in the creek on the way back.

Sunday Christina got to meet more neighbors. Simon is three and Max is six months. Christina was shy, but did say "Hi' to everyone.

I saved the best for last...
Christina has been walking in her gait trainer on the deck for awhile. Sunday she walked the whole length by herself. She got lots of encouragement and it was tough. I walked next to her for part of it. No hand holding, she did it on her own. When Christina made it to the end we were all done and I gave her a huge hug. I am so proud of her. We then went for a long shoulder ride as promised.

There is no one with more determination than Christina.

I will check into getting video up on the site. I do not want to use the 'free' sites.

Here are some pictures from Christina helping.

Another good Thursday 
Thursday, May 27, 2010, 23:16 - General, Doctor
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Another Thursday and it went well. Christina and I had a busy morning. We had a couple of meetings and Christina showed off. She is so cute and fun.

This afternoon we played outside a lot. Christina was a little sick yesterday so we took it easy. Lots of breaks and plenty of fluids.

I had the chance to see the moon shining down just right on the river tonight and it was beautiful. The moon is almost full and the river looked peaceful. Kinda relaxing just looking at it. I needed that. I still haven't decided if I like a full moon better or a new moon. Each has its place.

Also trying to decide on a date/time for Christina's birthday party. Leaning towards Saturday and early afternoon. Nothing fancy, small, and cake.

The day went by fast, already late. Gonna call it a night in a few.
Hot Weekend 
Sunday, May 23, 2010, 22:38 - General, Doctor
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It was hot this weekend. I turned the air on Sunday morning and very glad I did.

Saturday Christina and I went to the Mom Show with Haley, Jaycie, and Kassidy. Christina entertained them with her singing on the way there.

Christina and I went for a walk on Saturday and stopped at a couple of thrift sales. Christina met the neighbor kids this weekend and she had lots of smiles for them. We played with them on Sunday running and kicking the a ball. I am getting too old to run.

Christina did super well with everything we did: walking, using the gait trainer, in the Kid Cart, socializing. She is growing up so fast.

Mom Show 
Sunday, May 23, 2010, 22:12
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Saturday Daddy and Christina went to the Mom Show. Christina met Haley, Jaycie, and Kassidy. We picked the girls up and they went with. Christina sang for the girls on the way to the Mom Show. Christina did very well while we were there, she was a little shy. She did have smiles for everyone and a few "Hi's".

Christina and I went to a couple thrift sales close to home. Didn't find anything interesting, but we had fun bouncing and singing on the way there. Christina also played with the neighbor kids this weekend. We played outside until we were too warm then cooled off in the house. We went back and forth a few times, it was hot this weekend.

Christina did wonderful this weekend walking with and without the gait trainer. I am so proud of her. I think Christina is proud of herself too.

Back: Jaycie, Haley
Front: Derek, Christina, Kassidy
Wednesday, May 19, 2010, 22:43 - General
Posted by Administrator
What a good day for a stop at Dairy Queen. It hit the spot.

What a warm day. Almost turned the air on. Gonna see if I make it through the weekend with the air. I get a good breeze coming through. Christina's room and my room stay cooler than I expected.

I was going to go through the pictures, but I'm feeling lazy. It was a busy day. Time for bed.

Big Breakfast 
Wednesday, May 19, 2010, 07:39
Posted by Administrator
On Saturday went to have breakfast with some of the Kademan family. Christina did super well on the ride there, it takes about an hour to get there. It was the first time there was anyone sitting in the back of the van with her and she was cute trying to turn her head to listen to the conversation. Christina ate really well. I don't know where she puts it. Christina has always been a good eater. Some days though, it boggles my mind how much. Eggs and cheese, potatoes with cheese, sausage. The lil firecracker would not eat her fruit until after she had some eggs.

Christina also let grandpa hold her and they talked. Grandpa walked with her and she did well, but Christina held back some.

On Sunday we saw Grandma Kar and she treated to ice cream, yum. Christina and I played at the park. Christina loves going down the slide. She is so cute when she laughs at me trying to get on the slide.

I will work on getting new pictures up soon.
Weekend Update 
Monday, May 17, 2010, 00:16 - General, Doctor
Posted by Administrator
The weekend went wonderful. We had beautiful weather all weekend and Christina and I were able to spend lots of time outside. Sunblock weather it is.

Saturday morning Christina and I headed for the Kademan Family breakfast. We picked up grandpa, Julie, and Marilyn. Hope you are feeling better Don. Christina did excellent on the way there. She even was turning to look at Marilyn and listen to the conversation Marilyn and Julie were having. It was cute. And to add to how proud I am, it was the first time Christina had anyone in the back with her. Christina ate super well as usual. She played with grandpa and walked well for him. Christina also showed off how well she knows the alphabet. Christina said individual goodbyes when we left and had smiles for all.

Saturday afternoon grandma Kar came to visit. Christina was pleased to show our singing talents. And she wonderful walking in the yard. Thank you grandma Kar for the kitchen items and gas can.

Sunday Christina and I went to the park. We had a blast going down the slide. I still fit, yea me. Pam and Jake came to watch. Christina was giggly and wanted to show them how well she walks in the sand. Grandma Kar also came to watch, she even treated to ice cream. Yum, Christina ate most of it of course.

And, I even got the lawn mowed this weekend.

It was a fun weekend. Miss you Christina.

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