Christina's neuro development appointments 
Saturday, April 17, 2010, 00:08 - General, Doctor, Events
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Christina's latest doctor appointments were on Thursday. We met with her neurologist and har developmental doctors.

The trip there went well. We took the van and listened to Christina's favorite traveling music. No tears!!! And no tears on the way home until we were a few miles from home. Christina needed to use the bathroom which brought the tears.

Christina does not have to go back to the neurologist. It was great news. It also was a little sad, we have been seeing Dr. Burnstein since Christina was a month old. He said Christina is doing awesome.

we don't see the Dr. Moore again for a year. He too is pleased with Christina's progress.

Christina had a bad night Thursday. We now think that the trips to the docs are that overwhelming for her and that it is not the car ride that pushes her senses to the point she vomits and does not sleep.

Christina may also have strep.

Christina's Eye Doctor Appt 
Friday, November 20, 2009, 16:13 - General, Christina, Doctor, Events
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Christina's eye appointment went well. No new news, which means no bad news. They dialated her eyes and of course no one likes that.

The car ride went well there and Christina cried on the way home. Angela had a tough time in the car with her sore leg. I felt bad for both of them.

Christina is still down for a nap and it is time to get dinner started.

Angela's Surgery and More Updates 
Friday, November 13, 2009, 06:30 - General, Christina, Doctor, Events
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Yesterday Angela had surgery on her leg. To avoid a detailed description, her veins need help. Christina stayed with a sitter while Angela and I went to the UofM. Everything went well. We are hoping this takes care of the pain.

Christina has been a daddy's girl for the last few weeks. When we came home it was hugs and kisses for me and right to mommy.

Christina is doing wonderful in school. She is much more social and enjoys being around other kids. It is amazing how children act and react around Christina. Many parents and other adults need a good slap up-side the head.

We had an appointment for Christina with Dr. Taniguchi on Oct. 23. The appointment went well, the drive we still need to work on. Phenol blocks and Botox are scheduled for December. An eye appointment is scheduled on Nov. 20 with Dr. Engle and the dentist in Dec.

I am doing better than I have been. Angela and my relationship hit a rough spot. We are back on track and both of us are working on staying that way.

It is time for coffee.
Development Doc 
Tuesday, June 02, 2009, 21:57 - General, Doctor, Events
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On the 1st, Christina had another appointment in the cities. We went to see Dr. Moore. He is pleased with Christina's progress. The good news... Angela and I get to deal with a typical two year old.

The next round of Phenol blocks and Botox is scheduled in two weeks. It will be a very long week. We will head up Wednesday, have surgery on Thursday, keep Christina mellow the rest of the day, switch hotels Friday and go to the rehearsal dinner for dad's wedding, dad gets married on Saturday and then head home on Sunday. Hopefully with time to enjoy Father Day with some Daddy and Christina time.

I also picked up another domain. I am trying to organize the domains a little better and keep the files clean. I have to import Christina's blog again before transferring it over to the new server.

Neurology Appt 
Wednesday, April 08, 2009, 09:59 - General, Doctor, Events
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Good news from the neurologist!!!

Dr. Burnstein said he is impressed with how far Christina has come. And, we don't have to go back for a year. I never thought those words would mean so much.

Christina has been giving Angela and myself some grief, it seems she wants the other parent no matter which one of us is holding her. Her upper molars have poked through, yet still creep along making her uncomfortable. It is nice to have behavioral issues for a change. Although, they can stop now.

Not much else is new. I still have a few weeks of school. It is going well. I am trying to get the most out of it. Angela is ready for a break, I hope she can relax in California.

Christina has been vocalizing more, she tries so hard. The phenol blocks and the Botox are wearing off too. She is still willing to walk, it is harder for her. You can see how hard it is. There have been times her little legs shake as she tries to take a step.

Sad now, gotta go.
Hospital Trip 
Saturday, January 10, 2009, 13:27 - General, Doctor, Events
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Well, we made it home in one piece.

Christina's appointment went well. She had Botox in her calves and Phenol blocks in her thighs. Dr. Engel also checked Christina's eyes while she was under.

The nitty gritty update :
Christina's optic nerves did not develop entirely. They will not get worse or better. This, along with the brain processing, is what hinders her vision. We still will not know how much she sees until she can tell us.
The Phenol took effect right away. Christina's legs are no longer in a scissored position. They are a little spread out and she needs to learn to use those muscles all over.
The Botox will peak in about three weeks. I am confident it will help her as much this time as it did last time.

We were able to see Bonnie and Becky while we were at Childrens. We also ran into Dr. Perdue, Christina's first doc at Childrens.

The car ride there on Tuesday night did not go well. Christina had a different cry this time. It was more like she was scared. I felt so bad for her. Angela and I took turns holding her hand and that helped.

Christina and I had a chance to use the pool at the hotel on Wednesday after we were back to the hotel from the hospital. We also called Amber and Mark and had the chance to visit with them.

We stayed Wednesday night and came back on Thursday. With the time of the appointment and the Phenol being something new for Christina we felt it was better to stay another night.

The car ride home was typical. It was so good to be home.

On a very happy note, Christina is getting better with my putting her down for a nap. Today again, I was able to lay down with her in her bed and put her down for a nap. she is asleep all by her big girl self.

Prep for the week 
Saturday, January 03, 2009, 15:49 - General, Doctor, Events
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The weekend brings us to getting ready for another trip for Christina's appointments. Christina has her next round of Botox. We are also starting Phenol blocks.

I am a little concerned as always when we try something new. It is the next step to help Christina overcome the tone in her legs.

We talked with Dr. Tanaguchi about her arms and he is willing to start Botox there too. I am afraid that will be too much new for Christina. Angela agreed. We also asked her therapists, I wanted to be sure it was the right decision. We will plan on Christina getting Botox in her legs and arms on the next round.

Cheers, little firecracker!!!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008, 06:37 - Doctor, Events
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The dentist visit went well overall. Christina was not happy while they cleaned her teeth or when anyone was poking around for that matter. She was back to her happy and smiling self when everything was done.

The dentist asked if Christina had been cranky lately. Angela and I looked at each other, we both replied yes. The dentist said she is teething and her two year molars are very close to coming out. We asked also how long it takes for teeth to come in. Christina seems to drag each tooth popping as a long process. They assured us that these molars could take months. Argh.

After the dentist, Angela and Christina did some more shopping and brought me coffee at the office. Mmm, can't go wrong with good coffee.

We have a sleep consultation coming up in December for Christina. The real treat will be trying to get her up there for a sleep study. Heh heh.

Monday, November 24, 2008, 07:00 - General, Doctor, Events
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Today Christina has her first teeth cleaning. It will be her second dentist appointment. The first one went well. They did not do much. Just a check up. Today though, today I am a little skeptical at how Christina will react.

I'm feeling a bit sick. I need a goodnight sleep and the chance to sleep in.

James and Robyn came over yesterday. We all had a nice visit. Christina is getting better socializing.

I made breakfast for everyone. It was Sunday, pancakes for breakfast. Christina ate a lot for breakfast.

James and I swung Christina on the sheet. She really enjoyed it and showed James the more sign.

Robyn read to Christina. They enjoyed a couple of Dr.Suess books. Christina did very well.

Christina also showed how well she can run in the gait trainer. She did very well. We did not have her braces on for that.

Eye Doctor 
Sunday, November 16, 2008, 14:07 - General, Doctor, Events
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The eye doctor appointment didn't go well.

To start, Christina cried all the way there. Not a surprise. The assistant that looked at Christina first was not aware of Christina's sensory issues. She scared Christina often. Not on purpose, but we tried to tell her tips to help prepare Christina and she didn't seem to listen.

By the time the doctor looked at Christina she was not cooperative at all. He has to pry and hold her eyes open. That made her all the more upset.

And of course, Christina cried all the way home.

The news from the doc was the same for the most part. What we did learn is that the nerve endings in both eyes are smaller than normal and pale in color. And, her brain probably does not process the information as it should. More than likely due to the PVL.

Last night, Christina woke up about 03:30 and her and I had a snack. She did not want me to sit in the chair, she prefers I walk around. I stood my ground and we sat in the chair. We both ended up falling asleep and managed a couple more hours of sleep.

Evan and Cole are coming over to play while Angela and Crystal go shopping. Time to go.

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