A little off 
Tuesday, June 30, 2009, 05:30 -
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Christina has been a little off. She doesn't seem to be as happy go lucky as normal.  She has been sleeping more than normal and I think that is because of some growing that she is doing. She has been getting taller.

She went over to Deb's and played with Cory and Trevor. She was in a great mood when she came home until I said its about that time. Now she knows that means the beginning of bed time.  She went to bed well and enjoyed bath. I guess it is the idea of going to bed she does not like.

Anyway good night.

I am a little sad that her birth to three is going to be over this week.  She is growing up....so very fast.

The Zoo 
Sunday, June 28, 2009, 04:33 -
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Sorry the updates have been so far apart. I just got my new computer up and running so the updated should get better.

The MN Zoo was very fun. It was daddy's day and we hung out with the animals and mommy. Christina really liked the sprinklers that were there. We had to go back a couple of times. She enjoyed the tide pool that had rushing water and lots of living creatures in it. She go to see dolphins, sharks, tigers, and bears along with feeding the giraffes. There were lots of animals. We would like to go back again some time this summer.

It was very draining with the week in MN starting with surgery, then to Darrell's wedding and then the zoo.

When we all got home everyone was very glad to be back. Christina finally slept well and enjoyed her baths again.

Since we have been home Christina has been walking very well in her braces. She has also rode her tricycle. She holds herself up and I pedal her feet.  She is getting to be such a big girl and doing lots of new things. She has also started babbling more and making a bunch of different sounds. It is great. If you ask her to say it again she will but you can not say more because she will sign or say more instead of repeating her word.

Her third birthday has creeped up on us. Well not really but it is hard to believe that she is going to be three next weekend. This coming week is her last week in birth to three. We will be receiving therapy at Spots by the same therapists until school starts.

Middle/end of the trip.... 
Sunday, June 21, 2009, 04:12 -
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So the wedding went very well.  Christina sat through the whole ceremony like a great little girl. She did not like one of the songs but auntie Robyn made her smile.  Christina is very tired and cranky now that we are back to the hotel. She slept for 4 hours. We are getting Jakeeno's artichoke dip for a snack and then hopefully she will go back to sleep.

Christina still has not slept well since we have been here. So no sleep for anyone since Wednesday. Icky.... We are all happy about going home and snuggling into our own beds. She has not done potty very well either. She wants her own potty. I do not blame her the potties are pretty big here.

Thursday after the surgery we met Becky for coffee and chatted. It was very nice to catch up and Christina was a ham. We also went to dinner with Long and had Mexican. Christina ate very well and threw my drink on the ground, her plate followed and broke. She thought that it was pretty funny.

Friday the rehearsal and dinner was not as much liked as the wedding. But Christina did have fun with Ruby ( her cousin). We were doing the popcorn song and when Sarah took Ruby back Christina screamed because she got mad that Ruby left. It was pretty funny.

The surgery went well and I think that Christina is a bit sore. But everything went as planned. We go and see Tanaguchi in 3 to 4 months.

I will update the pictures in the near future. My computer broke and will need to remedy the computer situation first. Sorry for the delay.

The Beginning of the Trip 
Thursday, June 18, 2009, 13:45 -
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Well, we made it to the hotel. The drive Wednesday night left Christina in a pissed off mood. She was so upset she pulled out a sizable hand full of hair on the way here. The night did not get any better. Christina was up most of the night. Angela and I did not sleep either. We turned on the lights and started coffee at 4.

On a good note, Christina is in a great mood. Although she is tired and hungry. The little monkey tried to take a drink of my coffee.

Now, we are waiting for another pot of coffee and then we will walk to the hospital. We check in for pre OP at 7:30 and the procedure is scheduled for 9.

More later,
Derek, Angela, and Christina

Coffee and update 
Sunday, June 14, 2009, 14:12 - General
Posted by Administrator
It is Sunday and I am at The Coffee Grounds. I stopped by Donny's to visit for a bit.

I am giving Ubuntu a try. Running off a live cd, so far so good. I figure I will try the usual email and browsing. It did not take much to setup the wireless connection. First try. I am pleased with all the hardware being recognized.

Yesterday, Christina and I spent time outside. We did some walking and then hooked up the sprinkler and ran/walked through the water. I stopped before Christina was ready, she was cold.

This morning before the girls woke up I started reading about DNS and Bind. One of the O'Reilly books. Rather than jumping to the meat and potatoes, I opted to start at the beginning and get a solid base of knowledge.

Back to reading. And update Peter's site.
Busy Busy Busy 
Friday, June 12, 2009, 04:58 -
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It has been busy around here. Both Angela and I have meant to update the blog sooner. Here is a quick update.

Christina continued making wonderful progress. She now can drink with a straw.  We started with a fancy cup to assist(it keeps the drink in the straw so it is easier to start) and within a few days she started doing it on her own. Thanks to coaching from mom.

Christina's tone in her legs is much more noticeable and has been making it harder to take steps. That leads to her Phenol blocks and Botox coming up. She is scheduled for June 18th.

With Grandpa Darrel's wedding on Saturday the 20th and surgery on the Thursday the18th it will be a busy week. We are all heading up on Wednesday night. The appointment on Thursday morning. Hanging out and taking it easy Thursday afternoon and Friday most of the day. Lots of swimming and lounging. We will head back Sunday afternoon.

Christina also went to play with other kids at a new group that is getting together. I will let Angela tell more, she know the details. It was good for Christina and Angela.

And, Christina has a viral infection that started a few days ago. She has some red spots that look/looked like hives. She seems to be in a pretty good mood and it has not slowed her down with me at all.

More when we get the chance,
Derek,  Angela, and Christina

Development Doc 
Tuesday, June 02, 2009, 21:57 - General, Doctor, Events
Posted by Administrator
On the 1st, Christina had another appointment in the cities. We went to see Dr. Moore. He is pleased with Christina's progress. The good news... Angela and I get to deal with a typical two year old.

The next round of Phenol blocks and Botox is scheduled in two weeks. It will be a very long week. We will head up Wednesday, have surgery on Thursday, keep Christina mellow the rest of the day, switch hotels Friday and go to the rehearsal dinner for dad's wedding, dad gets married on Saturday and then head home on Sunday. Hopefully with time to enjoy Father Day with some Daddy and Christina time.

I also picked up another domain. I am trying to organize the domains a little better and keep the files clean. I have to import Christina's blog again before transferring it over to the new server.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009, 21:49 - General, Christina, Doctor
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The bedtime routine has changed since Angela came back from California. I still put Christina down for bed after her bath and meds. The plan is to have Angela try on Friday to put Christina down the same way I do.

Christina is by no means asleep, not even close the last few days. I lay with her for a couple minutes, give her a kiss and tell her goodnight. Then it is out of bed I go. Christina has been able to calm herself and fall asleep.

It is tough for Angela, her little baby is not a baby any more. And it is difficult for both of us to listen to her cry. Christina has come a long way.
Daddy's Little Girl 
Thursday, May 21, 2009, 06:35 - General, Christina, Doctor
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Christina is still upset at Angela for taking holiday. It has been two full days and Christina has whined most of the day.

It has been hot here and I think she is uncomfortable. She feels like a furnace and is only wearing shorts and a short sleeve shirt.

Bedtime has officially changed. I do the full bedtime routine; bath, lotion, bouncing, meds, cuddles(so she burps). Then we give mommy hugs and kisses and go to bed. I lay in there for a couple minutes and then give her a kiss goodnight.

We are going to continue this for a week or two then have Angela give it a try.
Working Solo 
Monday, May 18, 2009, 08:01 - General, Doctor
Posted by Administrator
It has been an interesting few days, Angela left for CA early Thursday morning. Early being 03:30. She comes back late tonight, Christina and I will be snoozing.

Things have gone very well with Christina. I have kept the house looking like a house, laundry is caught up, and no dishes lying around.

Christina also learned to drink from a straw. She needs some practice, but she is doing very well. She caught on faster than I imagined she would.

Grandma Patti has been coming over to see Christina, and give me a chance to clean up without worrying about Christina. Christina does very well after I walk out of the room, she is ok when I come back into the room. Christina even walked while grandma helped her. A feat I am very impressed and pleased with. Christina's social skills are developing rapidly.

Naps have been as expected. She lays down quietly for at least an hour. Two of the days she did sleep a little. Bedtime has been wonderful. Christina has been doing so well that I recorded her going to bed last night. I haven't watched it yet(finished laundry), I hope it caught everything.

Deb comes over today to watch Christina. I meet with UCP, but not sure on the time. That will also give me the chance to pick up some groceries.

All in all, an enjoyable experience.


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