Monday, June 25, 2007, 03:55 -
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Mom and Dad took me swimming today. We went to the Fairfax pool first but it was closed to the public this weekend for swim meets. So we all went to Riverview and we all went swimming. It was pretty fun. Then grandma Kar came over and we had pizza or dinner well I had sweet potatoes. My tooth is growing and I like to chew on stuff.
Oh ya mom bought me a storage thing for all my toys. Now I can find them all. Tomorrow I go take my pictures again because I did not cooperate so well on Sat with mom and dad, but the pictures with dad turned out well.
Good night every one.
Ooooh I forgot I get to see aunt Carmen on Wed. Just thought I'd tell everyone.

Friday, June 22, 2007, 03:24 -
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Guess what everyone??  ............  I got my first tooth today. Its my bottom right one.  Today mommy and I went for our walk and when we got home I got to hang out with grandma Patty for awhile. Then mommy and I went and got my dress for pictures this Saturday. Of course I got more than just a dress- I got two shirts and some shorts they are cute. The other day mom also picked up a rocking cat its just like a rocking horse but it is a cat and it is just my size. It meows and sings too.

Well that all folks. Gotta go play with daddy, and of course try out my new tooth.
Fathers Day 
Monday, June 18, 2007, 02:41 -
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Hi everyone today was my daddy's first Fathers Day. We just hung out Grandpa and Nancy came over and Uncle James and Aunt Robyn stopped by too. I wasn't too social because I had a busy week and my teeth were hurting.
Yesterday mommy,daddy, and I went to Sams Club and then to Chris's for dinner. I met his two dogs. Amber and Mark was there too. I was way tired, we got home late for me.

The Vision specialist (Tricia) was over on Wednesday and left lots of really cool toys and gave mommy ideas on how to help my sight get better.  So mommy got me an Einstein video that has classical music and lots of stuff to look at and its pretty interesting.

Mommy so makes me work really hard during the week. I just love playful times with daddy on the weekend.
Well I am going to finish hanging out with daddy before bed time. 

Mommy is also going to make an appointment to have my 1 year pictures done with daddy next weekend.
Bye bye.

I have the best daddy in the whole wide world. I love him so much. Lots of Hugs and Kisses.XOXOXOXOXOXOX
Tuesday, June 12, 2007, 19:38 -
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Hi everyone mom and dad finally got the web pictures for me to post, so I want to put pictures from memorial day (my first park excursion) my EEG and just some other cute ones of me. Well they are all cute but I guess that I will have to pick a couple.
Mom has been making me work real hard - but it is fun because its a lot of play time. Yesterday mom, aunt Maria, and I went to Olive Garden for lunch. Mom and I went to Altell too. Later that day Grandma Kar came over and we played for a couple of hours. I had fun. So no more delay here are the pictures.

Thats all the wires glued to me                   Daddy giving me my first DQ treat
hi everyone 
Saturday, June 09, 2007, 19:59 -
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It's me, Guess what ? Dad gave me some DQ ice cream on the 4th - I liked it a whole lot. It sure tasted yummy. Then on the 7th mom, grandma Kar and I went to DMV. It wasn't too bad we just hung out and then after grandma played with me on the floor and I showed her that I can roll over by myself. I also showed dad too before he went to work.
Jenny came to work with me on Thursday - I haven't seen her for three weeks and well I wasn't that happy to have to work. By the way Jenny is my OT.
So nothing too exciting has been going on. Just our walks and mom is making me work really hard everyday. I just get so tired. Oh next Wed. I get to meet my eye specialist and I am sure I will have to work even harder. So I really look forward to swimmy time with dad every night I just get to have fun. Just dad and me. 
Today mom is working on the pictures so I should get some more up and I can show everyone my bad hair day from the EEG. Lots and lots of glue.
Bye for now.
My doc appointment 
Sunday, June 03, 2007, 18:59 -
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 Well the car ride was not too bad to the cities. Daddy sat in the back with me. I was tired because mommy had to get me up at 5 AM but I didn't sleep. Daddy was tired too he put my diaper on a little crooked and I got poop on my bloomers and in the car seat. It wasn't;t too bad.  We got to the neurology clinic and I had to get 20 wires glued to my head. It wasn't that bad but I was not to fond of the rubbing of the glue they put on my head. I had to look a strobe light blinking at different times. That was fun. The guy that gave me the test was nice mom, dad, and he talked while they were monitoring my brain. I looked funny when they took all of those wires out of my hair. Mom and Dad laughed at me. So we had to wash my hair in their hair room.
The doc appointment went well too. Dr. Burnstien said that there was an abnormal spot in the back of my brain. He is not sure that what I had on Friday was a seizure but that is what they think. So we are going to wait and see if I have another one. I sure hope not.

Anyway the car ride back was okay too. Daddy keeps me happy.
Saturday mom dad and Grandma Kar went to Coffee Grounds and then grilled out. I have just been go go go since Thursday. ( That was the doc appointment)

Oh ya Uncle Donny came over to see me on Thursday and Mom got a car- well its technically mine. HA HA 
Busy busy week. I think that I got it all out on paper.

Thank you to grandma Patty for the car, now I can get to all my important places like the park the doctors and well you know all the baby stuff that I need to do.

Memorial Day 
Tuesday, May 29, 2007, 14:29 -
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It was my first Memorial Day weekend. I jump started Daddy's weekend. I had to visit the ER on Friday afternoon. Mommy brought me and then Grandma Kar came. Dr Peterson (the ER doc) thought that I might have had a seizure, not sure. So daddy was home at 1 well in the ER with me. Things are fine now.

Saturday we all went car shopping and I met Stevie. I think that mommy and daddy found a car that fits all of my stuff in it. Then we went to see uncle Donny and I fell asleep on the way out there. I was sleepy.

My big Memorial Day I went to the park for the first time. Amber and Mark, Mom and Dad we all grilled out and played bachy ball. <- not sure how to spell? Mommy took me to the doc to feel the water but it was too cold and when it touched my foot I cried. I played on the camping blanket and am kind of getting the crawling thing. I was moving around. By the way it was Mt. Simon that we went to. We had lots of fun. I am sad to see daddy go back to work today.

Mommy has to make an appointment to see my neurologist this week ans run some tests and Katy comes to see me today also. I'll keep you posted.

Bye - bye everyone
painted toes 
Friday, May 25, 2007, 04:20 -
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Hi everyone- Sorry that haven't been here more frequently. Today was a rainy lazy day. Mom and I played a lot in the house. I also got to skip an OT lesson today. Jen is on vacation. Mommy painted my toes tonight too.
Good night every one.
Thats me and my bird-he tastes good.

Sunday, May 20, 2007, 21:09 -
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Dad wanted to put up a recent of me. Here ya go.

Rolling over 
Tuesday, May 15, 2007, 01:52 -
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Guess what every one I rolled over today twice and showed OT a little of the stuff that I am doing for mommy and daddy. Mom and I have been going for at least one walk a day to enjoy the outdoors. Yesterday was mom's first mothers day so daddy and I gave her a little extra break. 
Mom is done with school so she has even more time to play with me. This weekend we grilled out and I met mommy's friend Heidi. We get along pretty well. Then Aunt Robyn Uncle James Aunt Sheri and Uncle Dan came over and I got to show off a little of what I have been doing.  Daddy's home so I have to go play. Bye Bye.

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