UCP Telethon 
Friday, January 28, 2011, 22:35 - General, Doctor
Posted by Administrator
The United Cerebral Palsy Telethon is Saturday January 29th. Show your support and call in with your donation.

UCP-WCW has been very helpful in many ways. Thank you to all who volunteer and donate.

Daddy's Log 20110109 
Monday, January 10, 2011, 22:54 - General, Christina
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Daddy's Log 20110109

It was a great weekend. Christina started the weekend by spreading her super good mood to everyone. No one could resist her smiles and loads of stories.

Sunday we got our breath of fresh air and bundled up for outside. Christina loved it and I had to pull rank and tell her we were going inside. I wasn't cold yet and by the looks and sounds of things neither was she, but the dad feeling said 'no' go inside before feeling cold. Kids change a person, before I would have stayed outside most of the day and liked it. Now I worry too much about Christina.

Great Weekend 
Monday, January 10, 2011, 22:08 - General
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Christina had lots to say to everyone she ran into on Saturday. She was over-flowing with stories and super vocal. They were wonderful stories as she had huge smiles and giggles while telling them. Even over the phone no one could resist smiling and laughing with her.

Sunday we ventured outside for a short while taking advantage of the slightly warmer temperature. All bundled up and looking like a ball of clothes, Christina did not want to come inside. We came inside and went out again a little later for another short bit to come to a compromise. Again, Christina the penguin did not want to come inside. The fresh air did us both good.

Christina is over being sick, but her teeth are still bothering her. I will be glad when they pop through.

Holiday Update 
Thursday, January 06, 2011, 00:59 - General
Posted by Administrator
It has been awhile since I updated. Let's see, where to start...

Christina had been sick for awhile. Sick enough for a trip to the doctor which gave a diagnosis of an upper respiratory infection. It took quite awhile for the princess to feel back to normal. Christin's incoming molars have been painful also adding to her discomfort.

The holidays were enjoyable even with Christina feeling under the weather.

Christina has been very helpful in the kitchen. We made a delicious batch of chocolate chip cookies. And not the premixed stuff, homemade make the best. Christina helped add every ingredient and helped stir the mix. Stirring was a little more difficult than I expected. The best part came when we got to try the dough. Christina decided the dough needed extra tasting.

Christina has continued her increase with vocalizing. It is wonderful to listen to her.

School is off to a good start this semester. Christina still enjoys riding the bus. She also loves her time at school.

Christina has upcoming appointments for a gait assessment and a wheel chair assessment. Her trip to the dentist not too long ago gave the usual results. Christina has wonderful teeth.

Daddy's Log 20110105 
Thursday, January 06, 2011, 00:58 - General, Christina
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Daddy's Log 20110105

So much to update, I don't know where to start. So we'll cover the basics. Christina is doing well. She had a respiratory infection for a few days over the holiday time. Christina maintained her good mood throughout even though she wasn't up for all the physical stuff. We enjoyed some mellow time.

The weather has given the days at work seem short, but tiring. With the colder temperatures I have not taken Christina outside to play. I am sure she would be warm enough all bundled up and would likely enjoy it. The dad voice in my head says no go. I think I may be getting old and over cautious.

The Christmas tree looked nice this year, but I am glad it will be down tomorrow. The holidays always bring a rush of things to do. It was nice to see friends and family. Christina looked beautiful in her Christmas dress.

I have been working on the slideshow web page and the new page is up. I have a few tweaks to do, but the pictures are up and only about a month behind. I also have been going through photos to print. I have well over 31,000 now and it would be nice to hang some new prints up. It is a slow process deciding which to print with so many. I have about half a year gone through. If anyone would like to go through pictures of Christina let me know via email and I will send you a link.

With Christina sick I am happy to say I have managed to stay well. Every few days I will get a little stuffy nose, but it only lasts for half a day. I really need more hours in a day or a better sleep schedule. Speaking of that, I am going to call it a night and watch a movie.

Feeling Better 
Wednesday, December 29, 2010, 22:57 - General
Posted by Administrator
Christina has been sick the last few days. After a trip to the ER and antibiotics for a few days the princess is feeling better. Christina had an upper respiratory infection.

I am hoping we can play outside this weekend, but the weather may not cooperate. Freezing rain and then single digits may keep us indoors.

Coming up in the next couple of months is a gait assessment and a wheel chair assessment. Both are in Gillette Children's.

There are new pictures in the slideshow. I also updated the url to focus more on Christina. If you would like an email when pictures are updated let me know.
Getting Ready for Christmas 
Monday, December 20, 2010, 23:54 - General
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Christina was extra cuddly this past weekend. I think she is fighting off a cold. Her teeth have been bothering her; although I learned today that technically she is not teething with these molars yet. She has swollen gums; in any case they do not feel good and Anbesol is her friend. Christina was a little warm, but not enough to say she had a fever.

We had fun admiring the Christmas tree lights and touching the prickly pine tree.

Daddy's Log 20101206 
Tuesday, December 07, 2010, 21:22 - General, Christina
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Daddy's Log 20101206

Saturday the family breakfast did not go as planned. Christina and I had fun together and made the best of it. We both ate a lot and were ready for a nap soon after we got home.

Sunday we went to the pool and enjoyed some splash time. We also went to grandma's to make cookies. Christina had a fun time and made cute reindeer cookies. It was just as enjoyable for me to watch her.

Kicking and splashing


Breakfast Trip 
Tuesday, December 07, 2010, 21:07 - General
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Saturday Christina and daddy took a trip to meet the family for breakfast. Unfortunately, we were the only ones that made it. We made the best of it and enjoyed a big breakfast.

The alarm was set early, but Christina did not wait; she was up at 04:30. We did our morning routine, played a little and left. It was disappointing not able to see everyone. Christina looked like she was going to fall asleep on the way home.

The morning activities caught up to Christina and she took a three hour nap. Daddy enjoyed a nap also.

Sunday Christina made reindeer cookies with grandma and daddy. She took part in every step of making the dough and decorating the cookies. She especially liked rolling out the dough.

Rolling out the cookie dough.

Dale, you will be missed. 
Thursday, December 02, 2010, 21:50 - General
Posted by Administrator
I learned yesterday that my uncle Dale passed away. Dale we will miss you.

Prayers to Spring and all of the family.

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