Update on phenol 
Thursday, January 22, 2009, 02:11 -
Posted by Administrator
Well in the beginning it was very concerning for me and I am sure for Christina and Derek as well because the skills that were there were no longer there. In the last week we have been working very hard towards gaining the skills back. Christina is doing great. The lack of strength in her legs is noticeable but it will always be weaker due to CP. She is working very hard and is very persistent on walking so that is what we do lots of. Dad makes great games out of leg strengthening as well. So things are going great. She is doing great at sitting up as well.

This weekend Christina got to meet Joan and she liked her very much. It was shocking how much Joan was able to touch her and Christina held her hand and gave high five.  Yesterday we went over to Deb and Cory's to play with Trevor. We had lots of fun. The two of them always have fun together.  Then Derek came to get us to go grocery shopping. Christina likes to go to the store just not the ride there or home.

Christina has also been approved for more funding and we are exited about what we can get her. We are going to try for a touch screen monitor. She has figures out how to use the touch screen ipods and likes them a lot. Imagine what she could do with a whole screen.

Anyway we have just been waiting for the temperatures to warm up so we can go out side and play.

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