Playing Outside 
Tuesday, February 15, 2011, 00:56 - General, Christina, Doctor
It was a great weekend.

Thursday therapy was canceled so Christina and I had extra play time. Christina also made a new friend, Jen. Friday was more play and a trip to the mall. Along with the usual activities Christina enjoyed singing with several other children. I don't know if the other children notice Christina watching them. It makes me smile watching her watch the other kids when they join her in play. No one seemed to mind my being off key. Saturday the little pool was closed, but we played in the big pool for a little while. The big pool is not as warm as the little pool so we did not stay in as long. Saturday was also the Wissota Winter Classic. We went, but did not stay long. Most of the activities are not geared for the younger crowd. And Christina was on the tired side.

Sunday was lots of fun for everyone. We all played outside and went for a walk. Christina enjoyed walking in the snow in our snow fort. And again I can't express well enough how wonderful Christina does in the gait trainer outside. It is not as easy with her boots on, but she gives it her best. Christina walked up and down the deck so many times she deserved a big shoulder ride.

On another note:
Christina has her surgery creeping up on us fast. It is very noticeable the Botox is wearing off. And the Phenol Blocks are not far behind.

Parent teacher conferences are coming up also. It is always enjoyable to hear how well Christina does in school. The conference also gives us the chance to learn other items to work on with Christina.


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