Daddy's Log 20101010 
Sunday, October 10, 2010, 22:27 - General, Doctor
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Daddy's Log 20101010

This weekend held a good workout. Christina had lots of energy and wanted to go go go. Saturday Christina was amazing; she wanted to walk outside, not in the gait trainer, so we walked up and down the sidewalk. With a couple of stops for her to get her legs going she walked several blocks. I had to reward her the best I could, so big hugs and a shoulder ride she got.

Friday Christina was full of hugs and looked adorable. After some play time we danced before bedtime.

Now that I used the word it is missing something; due to the use of the word 'amazing' in infomercials, it just doesn't have the ummpf it should. Makes me chuckle how every infomercial I see or hear uses the word 'amazing'. So when I use it to describe Christina or her activity it is best thought of as '$yf@#% amazing'.

Sunday Christina and I met Mark, Kelli, and the girls at the Y. We had a great time. A young boy in the locker room had questions about CP when he saw Christina. It gave me a good feeling to help someone understand more about CP.

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