Checkin' In 
Thursday, June 12, 2008, 23:21
Posted by Administrator
The girls are asleep, dishes are done, and pictures are uploading. It is about time to call it a day.

I wanted to put up a quick post. I'm am trying to make an effort to throw something up more than once a week.

The real news, Christina is doing well. At least as well as can be. She has one tooth that finally broke through and I would have sworn there was another. At least it felt like it. Three more to go before the next round of molars. Her tone has been really bad the last few days. We're guessing another growth spurt. Poor kid, she tries so hard to reach and grab for things. You can see the determination and frustration in her eyes. And, the last two days I managed to feed her really well and bind her up. Last night she got the suppository. The first golf ball made a pop. The second was in the tub during bath time. I over-reacted and yelled for Angela. Something that big shouldn't have to come out that little tush. Christina screamed. After 20 minutes or so she was calm and bedtime was the usual.

So much for a little post. Time for bed.

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