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Thursday, August 06, 2009, 22:32 -
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On Tuesday Christina got her first award and ribbon. She completed her summer group held by Special Olympics. Her very first young athletes award. It was a great group and am very sad to see that it is over. On the bright side they will be having it again.  Then later on in the day Christina picked out her back pack for school. She chose a tinker bell one. She also chose tinker bell binder with giraffe and elephant folders. She is such a big girl. She chose all of her supplies and was very positive on what she wanted. When leaving the store she carried out her tinker bell back pack and I had to play tug of war to get it back from her. She likes to carry it around. It is so cute because the back pack is about half the size of her.

Behavior issues- Christina is very good at pushing our buttons. She gets many time outs and sure knows how to protest if she does not want to do something. She is also getting better with others and when speaking to someone she is starting to look at them. I have been working in that.

On the 19th I have a meeting with Mary ( her soon to be teacher ) and Lori ( her soon to be speech pathologist ) to talk about the school plan. Then on September 1 there is an open house we all go to. Boy she is growing so fast.

I will be posting her back pack pictures soon possibly by this weekend.

SPOTS house is going well for Christina too. She is still working great with Katy and Jenny.

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