Pony Rides 
Sunday, August 09, 2009, 04:47 -
Posted by Administrator
Today was a busy day. Carl our neighbor had a real big cook out and lots of food. It was fun with great food. We then went down town to the Summerfest that they had.  It was great. We got rained on and Christina loved being in the rain. Christina and I were dancing to the music in the rain. She also went on a pony ride and did very well. She chose the pony that she wanted and pet him as well. She did wonderful for her first time. She really did like to ride them. They had a petting zoo and we got to see a camel, zebra, fainting goats, and more farm animals. When we said that it was time to go home she got real upset because she did not want to go.  

Tomorrow Christina is going to go with Deb and Cory to do some more fun things this weekend.

On Thursday we were out side in the gait trainer and she walked all by herself in the grass. She did so great and went pretty far.

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