Making me proud 
Thursday, June 09, 2011, 03:46 - General, Christina
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Christina has been running in the gait trainer. It is hard to get a picture of her and start the video in time.

We found part of the sidewalk around the house that Christin is comfortable walking in the gait trainer without holding my hand or having me touch the gait trainer as she gets on her merry way.

The weather has been hot. Uncomfortably hot if you ask me. High 90s is hot, humid or dry it is hot. Our trips outside were short and most included water of some sort. I found going through the sprinkler is not as fun as when I was a kid. The kiddie pool is my favorite. The water is more of a warmer cool and does the trick cooling off without the shock of cold.

Christina preferred the shock of cold for a while then swinging. It worked out well to dry her off a little before heading inside into the air conditioning.

No baking this weekend, it was too warm. We did enjoy some very delicious cheesecake. Christina likes just the cheesecake. Christina has managed to spit out the crust and the added fruit. She also does not like to share.

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