Wednesday, September 03, 2008, 22:17
Posted by Administrator
I finally put something together for the pictures. I stuck a slideshow in to add to the page. Angela really liked it. Got lucky on that, I just needed filler. The photo albums are all done and uploaded through July, 2008. The form to pick which gallery to look at is done(the page I stuck the slideshow on).

The pictures are backed up through the middle of August and I will finish that tonight. And, the task of sorting through all the pics is almost done. I have all of Christina in her own folder. Everyone else is stuck in one folder. I will start breaking those out soon.

After that, I want to view the inventory in a quick and easy way I am not sure the best route to go. I am afraid the best way will be to go through each picture again and add meta data. Yuck! Last count was around 13000 of Christina.

Time to upload some photos and go to bed.

We took Christina to the park on Labor Day. We went swinging and walking in the water.

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