Kitty !!!! 
Sunday, November 02, 2008, 20:18 -
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Guess what I got an early Christmas present...... His name is Hans Solo. Mommy and daddy got me a baby kitty. He is so cute. I was a little jealous at first but I am over that now. Everyone is adjusting well and he has been here since Saturday.

On Halloween I was a bat girl. Mom and I went to Coffee Grounds and then to see dad at work and show the office my costume. Auntie Maria, mom and I went out and had Mexican food for lunch. I was real tired so I came home for a long nap. I sure needed it. When dad got home we all had dinner and I got dressed up again and we went to the neighbors for trick or treat's.

Here are some pictures of me as bat girl and my new kitty....

Oh ya and daddy got me a bean bag chair, it is pink. We got it when we got Hans his stuff.

Mom and I at the office

Daddy and I getting ready to go trick or treating

Flying Bat Girl!!!!

Mom and I at lunch with auntie Maria

Hans Solo and I getting to know each other

More of Hans Solo and I

Isn't he cute ????

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