Social Life 
Tuesday, March 29, 2016, 23:58 - General
Posted by Administrator
It is nice to have a social life and not leave the house.
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The Promo email that sparked my social story. 
Thursday, March 24, 2016, 05:24 - General
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This email spoke of a little girl battling a mysterious disease. I glanced over the summary and smiled at the good in society helping this little girl. Reading further, the word pajamas caught my eye. Short version of the story, some guy is raising money to buy pajamas for needy kids. Cool.

I have been looking at pajamas for Christina as it is time for new ones. Now you know why seeing pajamas in an email got my attention.

Side note. Daddy has to get pajamas for Christina. Christina does not want to go shopping for pajamas. Christina wants daddy to pick out pajamas she will like without her feedback. Ugh.

The fundraiser raised more than the gentleman had hoped. Bonus, more pajamas for the kiddos. So my mind wandered to: how social media had helped this goal. And then to, how social media had helped my goal. And next, how social media has changed for me.

More later, Christina requests my presence.
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Promotional Emails 
Wednesday, March 23, 2016, 15:21 - General
Posted by Administrator
I received an email from Go Fund Me promoting their service. I typically read the first few lines of an email and then delete if it is an advertisement. One particular email mentioned a little girl battling a mysterious disease. Typical email; however, this time I was curious. So I opened the email.

Da da daaa....
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Go Fund Christina 
Monday, March 21, 2016, 22:48 - Derek
Posted by Administrator
Go Fund Me is the third party that suggested and ultimately nudged me to join the Facebook community again.

I had heard of Go Fund Me on a tech blog and checked it out. Sounded good, interesting, the usual. Then I needed a means of paying for a car seat for Christina. So I created a Go Fund Me account and started a fundraiser.

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Facebook for Me 
Saturday, March 19, 2016, 23:03 - General
Posted by Administrator
As many who read this may know, I was not a fan of social media. I had a Facebook account many moons ago, and opted to not partake in any reading or socializing.

When I decided it was time to login and take care of this dormant account I was unable to login. I had turned on 2-factor authentication. During my lull time I had switched phone carriers. My guess is that my 2nd-factor text could not come through. My phone number was/is the same.

Going through the steps to 'remember my password' it was of no use. In the end, I was asked to scan my driver's license and email it to them. Um, no.

So, time went on and I was Facebook free. All the other social sites free for that matter. Email, phone, and text worked for me.

Then it happened. I knew it was only a matter of time. I needed social media. And, to add to the fun, Facebook was the social site of choice for my goal, by using a third party. Ugh.

Hence the Facebook account. Here is what I have learned about myself using Facebook...

I enjoy reading about what is going on in my virtual friends lives. Like enjoying visits over a beer with friends, it doesn't last all day/night. I read Facebook posts for thirty minutes everyday. I also try to share stuff from my end at least a couple times a week. I limit the time I spend socializing to keep me in check. Like watching TV or reading a good book, the time can slip by without notice.

For all those who want to 'clean out' their friends list, if you want to by all means. I tried that. Here is what I learned, some of the friends on your list you are closer to than some of the friends you 'know' and see on occasion. I have met some of the greatest people and I have never met them in person, face-to-face, or on the eyeball.

Enjoy your socializing on social media.
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