Thursday, March 19, 2009, 16:11 - General
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I signed up for a class through continuing education with the UW. I was and am excited to learn more. Today was the first day I hit the books. Class officially started on Wednesday the 18th at 12:00.

It was an experience sitting down and focusing on learning again. It took a little bit to get into the routine. After a half hour or so of reading, I was back into the groove. I finished my first lesson and waiting for lesson two to come out.

Angela and Christina went to the mall today with Crystal and Evan. I'm still waiting to hear how their day went. They are both taking a nap.
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Friday, March 13, 2009, 17:20 - General, Derek, Christina
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What's new? Not a whole lot.

Christina is doing pretty well. She has been working on her vervbal communication and enjoys hearing herself. Speech therapy has given us some things to work on. One of the words we are working on is "more". I am also working on the word "daddy".

Christina's two top second molars are still being slow in coming through. There have been some troublesome days and nights lately. They have gotten better. Although, the princess does not like to lay down by herself for a nap. And, on the weekend has been fighting naps more.

As Christina deals with her teeth and speech, her legs have taken the back burner. She has had more difficulty taking steps. We still work on it, on some days Christina wants to try to walk everywhere. One time taking steps is not a problem is bath time.

Angela and I are doing OK. Angela sprained her foot; not very bad, but enough to hurt a lot and make things more difficult. Both uf us are ready for a break.

I'm going to take a class online. It starts this month. It will take some time juggling, but I am looking forward to it.

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Sunday, March 1, 2009, 13:35 - General
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Happy Birthday to me.

For me, it is just another day. I didn't even remember how old I am until Angela got up and reminded me.

Celebrating is not my cup of tea. I think it is a good excuse not to make dinner tonight and to order out. I thought about the three of us going out for dinner. What I really enjoy, is being home and watching Angela and Christina interact. Or working on the PC and listening to them.

Dinner at home it is. Now to figure out what I am in the mood for.


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Friday, January 23, 2009, 18:05 - General
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Poor Orion.

I dropped Orion off at the vet this morning. He was scheduled to be neutered and to have his front claws removed.

Christina and I will pick him up tomorrow morning.

I feel bad, but it is for the best. I would hate to have Christina get scratched. She pets Orion nice most of the time. Sometimes though, she grabs and pulls his fur. Orion is very tolerant.

The girls are sleeping as I just came home. I hear Christina stirring. She must know I am home.
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Same 'Ol Same Ol' 
Wednesday, January 21, 2009, 06:57 - General
Posted by Administrator
Not much new. Angela's birthday is coming up.

Christina is doing well. She tries so hard to do things. I wish I could make it all better.
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