Cold Weather Breakdowns 
Saturday, January 7, 2017, 22:31 - General
Posted by Administrator
So, I can not stress enough to people how important it is to be prepared for car trouble in cold weather. The same for hot weather. Or any breakdown.

Dispatching tow trucks, I see too often calls coming in in which someone broke down and the temperatures are in the single digits.

I keep a coat, hat, mittens, boots, flashlight, batteries, candle, food, matches, knife, and a first-aid kit in a tote for both Christina and I.

I also rotate a couple of water bottles so that we have drinking water. Rotated to stay fresh and so they are not frozen. I use a little cooler to prolong the freezing process.

I may be a little over prepared. I worry about breaking down or going in the ditch traveling on the highway.
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