The Promo email that sparked my social story. 
Thursday, March 24, 2016, 05:24 - General
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This email spoke of a little girl battling a mysterious disease. I glanced over the summary and smiled at the good in society helping this little girl. Reading further, the word pajamas caught my eye. Short version of the story, some guy is raising money to buy pajamas for needy kids. Cool.

I have been looking at pajamas for Christina as it is time for new ones. Now you know why seeing pajamas in an email got my attention.

Side note. Daddy has to get pajamas for Christina. Christina does not want to go shopping for pajamas. Christina wants daddy to pick out pajamas she will like without her feedback. Ugh.

The fundraiser raised more than the gentleman had hoped. Bonus, more pajamas for the kiddos. So my mind wandered to: how social media had helped this goal. And then to, how social media had helped my goal. And next, how social media has changed for me.

More later, Christina requests my presence.
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