Daddy's Log 20100725 
Sunday, July 25, 2010, 02:00 - General, Christina
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Daddy's Log : 20100725

It is another Sunday and I find myself missing Christina more than usual. The house is a mess; dishes, laundry, vacumming, picking up. Nothing unusual; however, feels overwhelming.

Christina's reflux is continuing to act up. I am starting to shift from watchful to concerned. Angela has not heard from Dr. Aru, Christina's gastroenterologist.

I have also noticed that Christina's sensory triggers have not subsided even with the addition of brushing during the day. Brushing has helped in the past, but does not seem to be helping now. Perhaps it is helping and her sensors are that sensitive.

Again it was brought up to have Christina see a counselor. Angela stated she has not had luck finding a counselor. I will begin my search today. It was stated that Christina's different abilities make it difficult for her to communicate. Specifically not being able to draw and being non-verbal. Frustrating, Christina is one of the most communicable people I know. Who has trouble communicating? Sorry venting. I feel it is the adult's responsibility to listen and understand the child, not the child's responsibility to find a language the adult understands.

On a happy note, Christina and I enjoyed the weekend. I will post more detail on her blog,

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