Beautiful Princess 
Wednesday, August 10, 2011, 10:52 - General
Posted by Administrator
Christina has been up to her usual self. Lots of walking and talking. Sunday she did exceptional in the gait trainer. Christina has also increased her teasing me at meal time clean-up. It has become quite the game.

On several instances while we have been out lately people have stopped to make a comment how beautiful Christina is. Christina has been flooded lately with comments including, but definitely not limited to: beautiful, cute, precious, adorable, pretty, lovely. This is not uncommon, but the past couple of weeks seems to be more so.

I should make a point to say the Christina's favorite song is "Three Little Fishies". When asked what song we should sing it is now always this one. She laughs at me if I mess up the words. I compromise and we sing the fishie song and then other songs and then the fishie song again.

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