Angela's Surgery 
Monday, September 22, 2008, 06:43 - Christina
Posted by Administrator
Angela's surgery went well. It was a long day at the doctor, but went OK. Angela handled everything well, she was out for quite awhile, even in recovery. And of course, the first thing she asked for was coffee. I picked up some chocolate too.

Christina also handled it very well. Her and I played and sang while waiting for mommy. I brought the chair along and that worked well for lunch. Christina and I set up camp in a corner at the coffee shop and ate lunch.

Christina also handled her stretches in the waiting room. We are getting a handle on some of the sensory issues.

Angela is finding out how much she uses both hands to do things. Picking Christina up or setting her down is a bit tricky now. And the stretches are difficult.

Christina is already showing signs of revolt. The little squirt will purposely throw herself against Angela's sore arm. And while walking will suddenly drop to a sitting position. Not to mention the grabbing and typical hitting(not purposeful).

It will be a long week. Next week are Christina's appointments.

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