Sick Little Girl 
Thursday, April 21, 2011, 22:37 - General
Posted by Administrator
Christina is sick. The poor little girl became very sick on the car ride to the doctor appointment. To summarize, she became violently ill and her belly hurts a lot.

Christina was very cuddly and in pretty good spirits most of the morning despite the incident in the car. Unfortunately, the flu bug started to get the best of her and things became more uncomfortable. On the way back, Christina's fever went up and her belly hurt more.

More vomit several times on the way home. With a couple of stops to clean up we made it back. Christina became very sick very fast and she went straight to the doctor here in town.

The rest of the afternoon and evening got a little better. Shortly after bedtime the little princess' belly became upset again.

Lots of cuddles and plenty of rest are going to make this better.

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