Phenol Blocks 
Saturday, December 20, 2008, 01:32 -
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So the trip to the cities yesterday was not fun at all. There was a big accident on the freeway in Wisconsin and we had to sit there for a long time. We did make it to Minnetonka on time with enough to spare for lunch before my appointment.  So Tanaguchi said that it is a go for phenol blocks to help my hips develop correctly. The results are immediate and he said that I will probably have to re learn everything that I know; such as walking in the gait trainer and balance, because the tone in my legs will be different.  We are also looking at using botox for my arms but mommy and daddy said that we are only doing one thing at a time. I am also getting botox in my calves at the same time as the phenol.

So when I get the phenol I will be in the OR and mommy and daddy can not go in with me. I know that they are sad about that. I am a trooper I know that I will be just fine.

News today my tooth (molar) finally broke through and there was a lot of blood but it felt better after wards. I still do not want to eat much unless it is cold but that will pass soon. Yippy

Pictures will follow. Daddy got a picture of the whole crew at Gillette Childrens.

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