Breakfast at Grandmas 
Sunday, November 21, 2010, 20:44 - General, Christina
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Christina enjoyed breakfast at grandmas on Sunday. Eggs, toast, milk, orange juice, and applesauce were enjoyed.

Christina's incoming teeth have been bothering her. Thank goodness for Anbesol. That has not kept her from being a chatter box. Christina likes to sing along to some of her favorite songs.

The Botox shots in Christina's arms have loosened the tone already. Christina has been reaching in and out wonderfully. This has also increased Christina's hand opening. Whether it is a bonus ability or desire I do not know, but it gives me a smile to watch.

I am a little concerned how quickly the Botox took affect. Generally it takes some time, not a lot, to have an affect on the muscles.

On another good note, Christina has avoided getting sick with the bugs going around.

The Phenol blocks in the legs have made walking a learning again for Christina. She seems to have the routine down pat and several of the times we walked she takes little purposeful steps. I can't explain it well, but if you could see a before and after you would be as proud as me.

With Thanksgiving coming up Christina accompanied me to the grocery store to pick out a turkey. This year Christina can say she is bigger than the turkey.

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