Next Round of Injections 
Monday, November 15, 2010, 01:04 - General, Christina
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The next round of Phenol blocks and Botox injections is creeping upon us. The doctor visits are popular these weeks. Christina went to see the physiologist, optometrist, pediatrician, and was fitted for AFOs. Christina is 27.7 pounds and is 36 inches tall.

We took it easy this past weekend with surgery coming up and to avoid getting sick. Christina has a couple of molars coming in and Anbesol is her friend. Christina also had booster shots on Friday which throws things out of whack for a couple days.

Christina has been super talkative still and I think it keeps increasing. It is beautiful to listen to her. Grandma had the chance to listen to her tell a story to a friend on the phone.

Christina has also become very fond of playing with the flash cards. We always had fun going through the letters and words, but now Christina grabs them off the shelf to go through them. I am so proud of her as she takes each card from me, says the letter/word, and then hands the card back.

The new AFOs fit well and Christina does not mind wearing them. The AFOs still play havoc with Christina's tone and make it more difficult for the princess to take her steps, but stand back the lil' firecracker is exploding. Christina has the determination you think you would only see in the movies. As Christina took her steps I thought she would stop after just a few. The struggle was tough to watch and the faces she made led me to believe that should wouldn't go far; I was wrong. The smiles lightened everything when Christina reached her destination. I am not sure who had the bigger proud smile, Christina was very proud of herself.

I will try to post an update soon after the surgery appointment.

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