Sunday, October 03, 2010, 21:59 - General
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Christina has been a little under the weather. No fever, but a stuffy nose. And I think she is achy too. Friday was lots of cuddles and mellow time and an early bedtime routine.

Saturday the little firecracker slept in and woke up in a good mood. She seemed to feel better so we ventured to the mall. Christina did not sleep at nap time and by evening she was yawning and was looking run down. The stuffy nose got worse and Christina still seems achy. Sunday she slept in again and was in good spirits right from the start. We kept the day low key in hopes that she can get over this cold. It was nice in the sun so we bundled up and went for a short walk to get some fresh air.

Christina was in a cuddly mood all weekend. I have to admit I enjoyed the extra hugs, kisses, and snuggle time. Despite how she felt, Christina was good about doing her stretches. She even was ok with doing some extra stretches to make up for the lack of walking. It may have been the leg rubs and massages that helped. Christina even said and signed 'more' when I stopped during one of the back rubs.

What a princess.

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