Angela's Surgery and More Updates 
Friday, November 13, 2009, 06:30 - General, Christina, Doctor, Events
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Yesterday Angela had surgery on her leg. To avoid a detailed description, her veins need help. Christina stayed with a sitter while Angela and I went to the UofM. Everything went well. We are hoping this takes care of the pain.

Christina has been a daddy's girl for the last few weeks. When we came home it was hugs and kisses for me and right to mommy.

Christina is doing wonderful in school. She is much more social and enjoys being around other kids. It is amazing how children act and react around Christina. Many parents and other adults need a good slap up-side the head.

We had an appointment for Christina with Dr. Taniguchi on Oct. 23. The appointment went well, the drive we still need to work on. Phenol blocks and Botox are scheduled for December. An eye appointment is scheduled on Nov. 20 with Dr. Engle and the dentist in Dec.

I am doing better than I have been. Angela and my relationship hit a rough spot. We are back on track and both of us are working on staying that way.

It is time for coffee.

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