Santa Claus 
Friday, November 30, 2007, 18:38 -
Posted by Administrator
Mommy and grandma Kar took me to see Santa on Wednesday. It went pretty well, I sat on his lap and had my picture taken. The elf's had problems with the computer so I had some extra time with Santa. We had to retake the pictures and I did not want to sit on his lap again so mommy had to take pictures too. While we were waiting for the elf's to fix the computer grandma Kar, mommy, Santa and I were singing Rudolph the red nosed reindeer with Rudolph himself. He made me laugh.

Mommy and daddy have to take me to the cities again on Tuesday to get my AFO's, not to sure how I feel about that. My gait trainer arrived and I do not like it very much now but mommy keeps telling me that I will get use to it again. I sure hope so.

Great grandma came over yesterday and brought a pretty red and green plant for Christmas. Tonight grandma Kar is going to babysit me so mommy and daddy can leave for a bit. This will be our third time together alone and we have so much fun with out the parents.

I can't remember if I told everyone about my doc appointment with the bone and muscle doc. So here is a quick update on that. I do not have to take anymore medications. I don;t have to use botox either. Dr Tanaguchi says that I have mixed cerebral palsy. That makes it hard for me to sit, stand, walk and to control the movements in my arms; but mommy and daddy keep helping me lots so I can move better and keep flexibility.

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