UCP - United Cerebral Palsy foundation 
Saturday, September 19, 2009, 18:09 -
Posted by Administrator
On Thursday Barb from UCP asked us if Christina could be a spokes person for their 30th annual telathon in January. So Derek and I are exited to be a part of this. Christina will be on TV in January. We will keep everyone up to date on up coming events.

On Wednesday Christina and I went to the apple orchard and picked apples. We also got to go on a couple of rides one with a tractor and one on a four wheeler. I'll be adding pictures later.  We also went into the giant jumping thing that was there for the kids. It's one that they have at fairs. She had a blast.  On Monday daddy and Christina will be going to a date with daddy event.

Things have been busy but very good. Christina always wants to be going and doing something. It's great.

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