Hair cut !!! 
Sunday, August 30, 2009, 04:09 -
Posted by Administrator
Christina got her first hair cut today. She did wonderful and not one tear. Now her curls just bounce all over. Kirsten, Crystals sister cut her hair. Kirsten even got multiple kisses before and after.  Derek and I took Cole and Evan most of the weekend and we had lots of fun. After the hair cut we went to the play place in the mall and ran around for a while. Derek was laughing at me for crawling under the tree with Christina. I told him that he was lucky we didn't get stuck. Christina also went down a slide and Evan helped to catch her at the end.

Today was filled with games of hide and seek along with counting and alphabet songs. Christina got a kick out of scaring Cole.

So school starts soon for Christina and the closer that is coming the easier it seems to be to let her go. I am sure now that Christina is ready. She just loves to be moving and doing stuff all the time.

Next week is Christina's last week of therapy through SPOTS house. Guess what??? It took three years and she now goes to Katy and Jenny with no tears at all and they can even talk to me while holding her. It was amazing. Like I said go figure one week left and now she has no problems going. She looks forward to going to therapy.

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