Saturday, March 07, 2009, 20:53 -
Posted by Administrator
It has been so long since an update. All has been pretty mellow around here. We have been enjoying the warmer weather. Mom and Deb did the polar plunge and I had lots of fun with daddy and uncle Donny while we watched.

This week mom and I went for ice cream two times and I really liked that. We also meet Aunt Maria for lunch on Thursday. I got to talk to aunt Astara on skype at the office.

I have been working hard on walking and crawling- I have made huge progress.

On Friday Cole came over and we tore up the house,  HEEE HEEE.

Upcoming things are on the 26th I meet Mary for the transition into the school district. On April 2 I have two doctor appointments one with Bernstein and the other with Tanaguchi.

Pictures will be coming soon.

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