Christina's Birthday Party 
Wednesday, June 30, 2010, 16:08 - General, Doctor
Posted by Administrator
Christina's birthday party went very well. Christina did amazing opening gifts, she has the grabbing and pulling wrapping paper all figured out. And I can't even begin to express how well she handled having that much company. It wasn't a huge party, but a whole lot more people than usual.

I made two cakes so we would have plenty and to be sure leftovers for Christina and I. Christina likes cake, both chocolate and white and chocolate and butter cream frosting. I haven't figured out which is her favorite.

Christina has been very talkative lately. And she loves talking on the phone. It still takes a little while for her to get into the groove of telling a story, but once she starts she keeps going. And singing, Christina loves to sing. I had a heck of a time the other day figuring out what Christina wanted to do. Finally, I figured it out and she wanted to sing and dance. Christina what a beautiful voice you have.

I am in the process of picking pictures for the web. There are so many to pick from. Maybe I should just put up a post of pictures. Thoughts? And any ideas of a user friendly way to view all the pictures of Christina are welcome.

I also want to thank Jacie for taking pictures on Saturday. It is appreciated. And thank you Pam for the plaque for Christina. I think I like it more than her.

Christina had her first speech therapy appointment for the summer this past Tuesday. I will post details on her blog when I get them.

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