Eye Doctor 
Sunday, November 16, 2008, 14:07 - General, Doctor, Events
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The eye doctor appointment didn't go well.

To start, Christina cried all the way there. Not a surprise. The assistant that looked at Christina first was not aware of Christina's sensory issues. She scared Christina often. Not on purpose, but we tried to tell her tips to help prepare Christina and she didn't seem to listen.

By the time the doctor looked at Christina she was not cooperative at all. He has to pry and hold her eyes open. That made her all the more upset.

And of course, Christina cried all the way home.

The news from the doc was the same for the most part. What we did learn is that the nerve endings in both eyes are smaller than normal and pale in color. And, her brain probably does not process the information as it should. More than likely due to the PVL.

Last night, Christina woke up about 03:30 and her and I had a snack. She did not want me to sit in the chair, she prefers I walk around. I stood my ground and we sat in the chair. We both ended up falling asleep and managed a couple more hours of sleep.

Evan and Cole are coming over to play while Angela and Crystal go shopping. Time to go.

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