Surgery Appointment 
Tuesday, March 15, 2011, 21:39 - General, Christina
Posted by Administrator
Christina's appointment went well. The princess was not fond of getting poked and prodded, but overall all was OK.

We will be watching close to see how the Phenol and Botox take effect for possible changes in the next round of injections.

Christina has still been dealing with her swollen gums. We all will be glad when those teeth pop through.

Christina has enjoyed the warmer temperatures and loves to be outside. Licking the wind is a favorite even when bitter cold.

Christina has been very fond of swinging lately and lets me know she wants to swing including laying on her belly and getting those legs just a kicking. Christina has also wanted to slide down the steps more lately.

We have also been making desserts, Christina likes making cake, brownies, cookies. This past weekend we made an Oreo dessert and Christina tasted the mix at each step adding ingredients. When the bowl was empty Christina was very very good at licking everything clean.

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