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Sunday, September 13, 2009, 21:06 - General, Christina
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Where to start with updates...

Christina had her first day of school on 09/08/2009, it went well. She was great up until she had to sit in her kid cart towards the end. Not surprising she did not like it, she does not like it at home anymore either.

Tomorrow brings Christina's second day. She is going Mondays and Tuesdays for now. By end of year, up to four days.

Angela and Christina saw Karleen at the park today. They had a nice visit.

Angela found some small cups with handles and a straw that is just the right size for Christina. Christina is able to hold on to them by herself and bring the straw to her mouth and drink. We are very proud of her.

As I type, I can hear Christina in her room still talking and crying. She does not want to sleep tonight. Angela is already in bed and I think it is close to time for me too. It has been a long weekend.

Christina has been very talkative lately too. We sing, say the alphabet, count, say words, and make funny noises together. She enjoys being more vocal, I think she likes to hear herself talk.

There are more things to tell everyone and I can't think. It is time to call it a night.

Soon I will have the page done to be able to see all of the pictures we have of Christina.

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