Eye Doctor 
Thursday, November 13, 2008, 22:17 - General, Doctor, Events
Posted by Administrator
Tomorrow is Christina eye doctor appointment. It has been about six months since we saw Dr. Engle last.

Like all the other doctor appointments, this one is already starting to drain me. I think it is getting to Angela too.

Christina, Angela, Orion and myself have also been a bit under the weather. I think it is the sinus illness going around again.

Time to resize and crop some photos for the header pic.

Cities Trip 
Monday, September 29, 2008, 22:30 - General, Doctor, Events
Posted by Administrator
Well, we made it.

Christina was her usual self and unhappy with the car ride. She started crying before we even made it out of the drive. She stopped crying when we took her out of the car at the hotel.

Angela just slid her into bed. A bit of wind down for us and off to sleepy land.

Christina's appointment is at 0730. No food or drink from midnight until after the appointment.

I think if she is up to it, I will take her swimming in the pool. She should enjoy that. I will too.

More updates later.

Angela's Surgery 
Monday, September 22, 2008, 06:43 - Christina
Posted by Administrator
Angela's surgery went well. It was a long day at the doctor, but went OK. Angela handled everything well, she was out for quite awhile, even in recovery. And of course, the first thing she asked for was coffee. I picked up some chocolate too.

Christina also handled it very well. Her and I played and sang while waiting for mommy. I brought the chair along and that worked well for lunch. Christina and I set up camp in a corner at the coffee shop and ate lunch.

Christina also handled her stretches in the waiting room. We are getting a handle on some of the sensory issues.

Angela is finding out how much she uses both hands to do things. Picking Christina up or setting her down is a bit tricky now. And the stretches are difficult.

Christina is already showing signs of revolt. The little squirt will purposely throw herself against Angela's sore arm. And while walking will suddenly drop to a sitting position. Not to mention the grabbing and typical hitting(not purposeful).

It will be a long week. Next week are Christina's appointments.
Busy Busy 
Tuesday, September 16, 2008, 07:05 - General, Christina, Doctor, Events
Posted by Administrator
We have lots of appointments coming up so I figured I better post while I can.

Angela has surgery coming up this week. Christina's appointments are the end of the month into October. I think we have surgery, neurologist, eye, physiologist, and then the dentist. The dentist appointment will be her first cleaning.

Time to get ready for work.

My Little Girl 
Friday, August 15, 2008, 22:20 - General, Doctor, Events
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The good news from the doctor is that Christina just has the sniffles. No CT scan needed today. We also have some ideas to try to help her sleep at night. And, to help with her stool.

Teething seems to be less of a problem the last couple days. With some luck, we will get a break from that for a few months.

I want to take Christina camping this weekend. It would be her first time. The gear is out and ready to load up. We're gonna play it by ear to see what kind of a mood she is in. Tonight she was in a bad mood for quite awhile. She was in good spirits when she went to bed. I am crossing my fingers.

Sunday, August 10, 2008, 07:02 - General, Doctor
Posted by Administrator
Swim, swim, swim. Yesterday I took Christina swimming. It was the first time I took her by myself.

We had a fun time. Christina thought the car ride could have been better.

After swimming, we came home and had a snack. After a little play time, nap time. I wish I could fall asleep quickly for a nap. No zzz's for me.
Tuesday, August 05, 2008, 22:06 - General, Doctor
Posted by Administrator
Today Christina and I went for two walks after dinner. Progress is being made. One, Christina is willing to go for a walk in the wheelchair. Two, I am off my duff and going for a walk.

We might go camping this weekend. I am excited and worried at the same time. I think it will go well. If it doesn't, we'll get over it. It takes so long to get back on track after a bad experience.

For those that need reminding...

Buy a blizzard at Dairy Queen on August 7th. Dairy Queen donates to the Children's Miracle Network for every blizzard purchased on that day. So eat up. I never met a blizzard I didn't like.

NICU Follow-up 
Tuesday, July 29, 2008, 22:08 - Doctor, Events
Posted by Administrator

Never did I think that I would feel so comfortable or 'at-home' in a hospital.

Today, Christina had her 2 year NICU follow-up. The drive to Children's was the same. Cry most of the way up there, and cry most of the way back

We went up last night and spent the night at a hotel. That makes for a much happier little girl in the morning, and a happier Mom and Dad. We opted not give Christina any Ativan on the way there; thought being the amount needed to calm her and the after effects are tough to think about. She cried, the whimpers and screams don't sound as pitiful when she doesn't have the Ativan.

We spoke to her doctor about motion sickness and some of the signs are there. Communication would help a great deal, iot is so hard to tell what sets Christina off. So chewable Dramamin we tried on the way home. Not much luck, but Christina was already overtired and needed a break from everything. It did help a little.

We also stopped to see several of the staff that have helped us on the many days there. Everyone loves Christina's smile and comments on her curls.

Good Job Walking 
Tuesday, July 22, 2008, 15:12 - Doctor
Posted by Administrator
Christina walked (with Mommy's help) from the locker room all the way to the door today. That is quite an accomplishment.

Daddy is very proud of you Christina!!!

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