UCP Picnic 
Sunday, September 26, 2010, 22:55 - General, Doctor
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Saturday Christina wanted to walk and walk and walk, so outside we went. We found lots of room for her to use the gait trainer. She could go any direction and go however far her little legs would take her. She enjoyed being outside and chose to point the gait trainer away from the sun.

Of course we had many trips walking up the stairs and sliding down. Christina was up early on Saturday morning and wanted slide down the stairs as soon as the morning routine was done.

Sunday along with the usual play we went to the UCP Family Picnic. Christina showed off her beautiful smile and her attitude. The princess did not want to sit in her chair. That was OK, she had been in it for a while so I told her she had to wait for a little longer and then she could go 'up'. This gave her the chance to calm down and sneak out a smirk. Shortly after more games started. Christina enjoyed the music and the cake walk. And of course dinner was a hit.

Thank you to UCP-WCW, Ayres, and the other sponsors who put on the picnic.

Fishing for prizes.

Daddy's Log 20100919 
Sunday, September 19, 2010, 22:15 - General, Doctor
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Daddy's Log 20100919
The International Fall Festival downtown kept Christina and I entertained on Saturday. Christina showed off her smile and received lots of compliments. I can not describe how hard she laughed when seeing the zebra. The zebra just stood there, but Christina laughed hysterically. Even when we went back for another look she started laughing.

A good portion of the day was spent climbing the stairs and sliding down. Christina loved it; as for me, my legs and bum are sore.

Christina has been getting better at showing me what she wants when I do not understand what she is trying to say. She walks to the bathroom, refrigerator, pantry, stairs, door, bedroom, to name a few to get what she wants.

Friday night Christina decided about 45 minutes after laying down that she wanted more hugs. I'm not sure if she woke up from a dream or had not fallen asleep yet and wanted attention. In any case she wanted me to hold her and walk around. I told her I would hold her in the chair for a little while and she was ok with that. Five minutes later I told her she had to go to bed and she gave me a big grin and a hug. Back to bed she went.

Getting ready for bed.

International Fall Festival 
Sunday, September 19, 2010, 22:01 - General, Doctor
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Saturday we went to the International Fall Festival. Christina enjoyed the animals, especially the zebra. Christina also really enjoyed the bands in the parade. She is a fan of the drums.

Christina also did very well walking through the crowd of people. I was impressed how well she handled all the people walking quickly by her.

Watching the parade go by.

Daddy's Log 20100912 
Sunday, September 12, 2010, 22:24 - General, Doctor
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Daddy's Log 20100909

Christina had a good day at school. When she first saw me she started to cry and wanted up. I held her hand and told her we were going to walk to the van. Marie, her teacher, pushed Christina in her Kid Kart while I held her hand. When Christina saw the van she stopped crying and waited for me to pick her up.

Christina and I played and had a good time. She did wonderful walking in her 'pony' and using the flash cards.

When it was time for Christina to go with Angela the princess gave me extra hugs and held on tight. I miss Christina.

Daddy's Log 20100912

Christina and I had a busy weekend. The Sport Motors Harley Davidson/UCP raffle was on Saturday. On Sunday we went to the fall festival at Draman Church. Both events were fun. We also did lots of walking and singing.

Harley Raffle 
Sunday, September 12, 2010, 22:13 - General, Doctor
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Friday evening Christina was in a cuddly mood. We played a little and did some walking, but she really wanted cuddle time and wanted me to walk around with her. I offered a compromise, yet I did really enjoy the cuddle time.

Saturday Christina slept in quite late. It worked out well to give us time to go to the UCP raffle at Sport Motors Harley Davidson. It was nice to see everyone and Christina was full of smiles. Christina ate well while there, they had charcoal chicken, beans, chips, pickle and a roll.

Sunday we went to the Draman Church Fall Festival. Christina really liked the music. She also enjoyed the animals. The cow found her hair lickable.

Daddy's Log 20100902 
Sunday, September 05, 2010, 23:04 - General, Doctor
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Daddy's Log : 20100902

It was cooler today, thank goodness. Christina has been making wonderful progress with the flash cards. I too have been making progress with my listening skills. Christina has noticed and continues to work with me to better understand what she is trying to say.

We have continued with our regular walks and wagon rides. Christina really enjoys the wagon. Christina also has shown that she likes to hold Grandma's hand when she joins us. Most days she does well keeping her head up.

At the park 
Friday, August 20, 2010, 16:49 - General, Doctor
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We ventured to the park and Christina used her 'Pony' on the trail. The trail was not as smooth as I wished. Christina did well though. It was warm, but nice to be outside.

Daddy's Log : 20100815 
Monday, August 16, 2010, 12:28 - General, Doctor
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Daddy's Log : 20100815

Saturday we went downtown to Summer Fest, definitely not the Summer Fest I am used to. Someone needs to pick a different name for the fest here. It was hot out and the heat was getting to Christina. She did ride a pony and enjoyed the petting zoo for a little while.

Sunday was a nice weather day and I opened up the windows. I was hesitant, but figured the house needed fresh air. Christina slept for her nap with a breeze blowing through her room. She looked so peaceful and cute snuggled under the blankets.

Sunday also brought more drama with everything going on, but I do not want to share. Maybe someday.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010, 16:34 - General, Doctor
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Christina telling me a story.

Christina telling daddy about her dreams.


Christina and daddy.

Christina swinging in her mountain climbing harness.

Daddy Log : 20100808 
Monday, August 09, 2010, 11:13 - General, Doctor
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Daddy's Log : 20100808

It was a good weekend overall. The weather was too warm for Christina and I so we only ventured out in the morning. We went for walks and played for short periods and then would go inside to cool off and get a drink. Then back out for something else. By afternoon it was inside only.

This gave me the opportunity to try other ideas with the swing. To avoid caring on, I will describe only one. Christina wore her harness(a child size mountain climbing harness) and we hooked to the rope and up she went. I can not describe the feeling I had of her accomplishments. Christina did not cry or have a look of dispair. She waited for this new activity with patience and I think was even a little eager. Christina held her head up beautifully. She spun around a little and I gave her a little push when I got the OK.

I was overwhelmed by Christina and will get a picture up soon to show what I am talking about.

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