Beautiful Princess 
Wednesday, August 10, 2011, 10:52 - General
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Christina has been up to her usual self. Lots of walking and talking. Sunday she did exceptional in the gait trainer. Christina has also increased her teasing me at meal time clean-up. It has become quite the game.

On several instances while we have been out lately people have stopped to make a comment how beautiful Christina is. Christina has been flooded lately with comments including, but definitely not limited to: beautiful, cute, precious, adorable, pretty, lovely. This is not uncommon, but the past couple of weeks seems to be more so.

I should make a point to say the Christina's favorite song is "Three Little Fishies". When asked what song we should sing it is now always this one. She laughs at me if I mess up the words. I compromise and we sing the fishie song and then other songs and then the fishie song again.

Darn Computers 
Wednesday, August 10, 2011, 10:51 - General
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So after I install some new software I do the usual reboot. I get an error message during POST that a Windows file is corrupt. Ugh. I try a reboot again just to see and it makes it past that point and starts loading. Only to get a blue screen and a restart loop. The message suggests using the repair console. I give it a go with no luck. Next try is to use the repair. First round did not work. Second round did work with errors. So I decided to try my backup. After I reinstalled Windows, software, and updates I ran a backup and it was stored on the network drive. The recovery was easy enough to start with the small detail that it could not login to the network drive so it could not copy the backed up files. Next step, get the files onto a external drive with USB. 30+GB later I am ready to try again. Success. The biggest 'problem' so far is my iTunes podcasts not being up-to-date.

Email I transferred to a flash drive so that just finished copying back. Should be good to go. The new software I installed of course is no longer installed. So I think I will back up my iTunes library and try again.

Crossing fingers.
Friday, August 05, 2011, 22:52 - General
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Once again I was working on pictures. So much fun and work at the same time. Three hours today disappeared quickly. I am working on a page to limit the number of pictures to make it easier to go through. I have not found software I am happy with yet for adding tags. And once I find something that works and follows some sort of standard I have to get all 30,000+ tagged while staying current.

For those who tell me I'm obsessed with the pictures, you're right. If only you knew the time I put in that you don't see. A minimum of one hour per week is what it takes to pull pics off the camera, rename them, sort them, save them, back them up locally, back them up off-site. Another half hour, usually the next day, to recreate a list of current pics, re-size them, recreate a complete list, verify they are shown on the site. Another hour to follow a similar process of the videos. Then I take a half hour or so to look through pics to find some to upload for the slideshow.

Someday, Christina will tell me I'm crazy for doing it. And someday after that she will tell me it is great. And... I do realize that these somedays have years between them.

New news on Christina's wheelchair. The appointment is scheduled for her fitting. The chair will be fitted just for her. We have been told to plan on an all day affair. Oof.


Hot Enough 
Wednesday, August 03, 2011, 00:35 - General, Christina
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So as the weather cools down(ha) it is 73, a dew point of 72, and a real feel of 83. And that is cooler, hmm. Everything is relative. Winter where are you.

Christina and I had fun this past weekend. We went to a family reunion and got to see relatives I have not seen in ages and got to meet many more. It was a good time. Christina tolerated the heat better than some.

Our outside play has been limited with the heat. I have noticed even the neighbor kids have not been out much. Christina still keeps me running in the house.

Another round of Phenol blocks and Botox is coming up and my mind is already tossing every thought possible over it. Ugh. I have been reading a book about advocating for your child and it is informative enough to get me thinking about how lucky we have been with doctors, therapists, and insurance. There is very little positive in what I have read so far.

The slideshow of pictures should be updated tonight. Enjoy!!!

Lots of Hugs 
Wednesday, August 03, 2011, 00:16 - General
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Christina has been full of hugs and kisses. The little princess has made a game after meal time to ask for kisses. If I do not oblige I am told she wants a kiss. It makes clean up time entertaining to say the least.

Another round of Phenol blocks and Botox is coming up soon. It has always gone smooth, but that what if thought always lingers.

Christina got to meet several relatives over the weekend at a family reunion. Christina did well with everyone even with the outrageous heat. We stopped on the way and picked up a fan for her in the car. The A/C works well, but it makes for good entertainment and keeps her a little cooler before the A/C has a chance to cool us down.

We have been playing a lot inside and make short excursions outside for walks, rides, swinging. On a couple of days Christina wanted to cut our wagon ride short.

Christina got to make cookies on her last day of ST for this semester. Chocolate chip, yum. It made me proud watching her interact with the others making cookies. Her movements and vocalizations were very pronounced several times for items that she gets to do when we make cookies. I am not sure how to accurately describe it, but let's try. Over the many batches we have made, Christina and I have found methods that work better than others for her to pour in the ingredients, stir, put the dough on the pan. If the student or supervisor moved in a way that did not work as well Christina's motions were an attempt to correct them. If I would not have tried those same ways myself I don't think I could have picked up on Christina's efforts. Christina definitely enjoyed tasting.

Busy Time 
Wednesday, July 27, 2011, 15:29 - General
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Lots of stuff going on.

I opted to reinstall the OS. It took five days to finish getting the last of the software and updates done. Now the data files are being copied over. Should be done tonight. Woo Hoo.

I have more pictures from 2006 printed so I can work on my collages. I have been on time updating the slideshow of Christina.

There was a good article about photo-blogging I came across. The downside is the means they suggested to set one up. I want to do it myself, I don't see a reason to use a third party.

The heat has continued and I am still ready for winter. These temps are crazy.

Too Much Heat 
Friday, July 22, 2011, 12:33 - General
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These temps are awful. I like it cooler and this is not cooler by far. Christina likes it even cooler than I do.

I read an article today that got the emotions going. ... 05093.html
Remember that those directly involved are only the tip of the problem. There are layers of administration that have a hand in problems such as this.

I have been updating the slideshow, pictures, and videos once a week. Yea me for keeping up. Enjoy!!!

More Heat 
Friday, July 22, 2011, 12:22 - General
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Christina is not a fan of the heat. These overly warm temperatures make her a tad cranky.

Our wagon ride on Saturday morning left us extra sweaty. We made sure to stay in A/C with lots of liquids. DQ wasn't too bad either.

There has been lots going on and I think it put Christina in a cuddly mood. Again I admit the abundance of hugs and kisses are enjoyed.

Although the temps are cooler, Christina thinks it is still hot.

Sunday Christina met Gina. Christina reached for Gina on her own and even gave a hug when they left. Thanks for visiting Gina and Brian.
What is an ISP? 
Wednesday, July 13, 2011, 12:57 - General
Posted by Administrator
For many internet users they do not know what an ISP is. ISP is short for Internet Service Provider. The company providing the internet to you. A well explained article is put out by good 'ol Uncle Sam. You can find it here:

For those around here examples are Charter, AT&T, ClearWire, and all the cell companies.

Hot Hot Hot 
Wednesday, July 13, 2011, 00:03 - General
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It has been hot and Christina prefers the air conditioned house. We spent time outside in short spurts and back inside to cool off.

Lots of fun in the water to keep cool. Wagon rides were best enjoyed in the morning and evening. We made the wagon rides a little better by bringing a battery operated fan along for the princess.

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