Walking walking walking 
Monday, March 26, 2012, 18:50 - General
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Christina has wanted to walk a lot. Anywhere from on the deck, around the block, or to the neighbors she has wanted to go.

The usual shoulder rides follow, but Christina has been walking way more than last year to get her ride. Christina has been walking blocks at a time. The princess enjoys walking with the gait trainer and being supported for balance.

And to add to the fun, if I am too close to the front of the gait trainer the little princess turns into a monster and picks up speed to run me over. When she gets close enough Christina cracks up laughing. And laughing so hard she stops if she manages to catch my ankles. For now I'll take my ankles getting hit if it means Christina will give that extra push.

Christina also enjoys going 'off-road' with her gait trainer. She can't make it on her own over the grass and hills, but really likes the tough terrain with help. Keeping a steady pace, Christina lifts her legs high and walks wonderfully across the tough stuff. The little dips in the yard just give more reason to enjoy.

The wagon rides are still a big hit. We a also brought the bubble maker along on one ride. Christina wasn't too interested with the bubblews until we stopped at the neighbors and she showed them how it works. Then on the ride back she blew bubbles the entire way. Most of them blew in front of her with the breeze so we were going through a cloud of bubbles.

Christina also asked for extra phone time on Sunday. With her beautiful walking the last week I agreed and let the big little girl chat away.

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