Friday, August 05, 2011, 22:52 - General
Posted by Administrator
Once again I was working on pictures. So much fun and work at the same time. Three hours today disappeared quickly. I am working on a page to limit the number of pictures to make it easier to go through. I have not found software I am happy with yet for adding tags. And once I find something that works and follows some sort of standard I have to get all 30,000+ tagged while staying current.

For those who tell me I'm obsessed with the pictures, you're right. If only you knew the time I put in that you don't see. A minimum of one hour per week is what it takes to pull pics off the camera, rename them, sort them, save them, back them up locally, back them up off-site. Another half hour, usually the next day, to recreate a list of current pics, re-size them, recreate a complete list, verify they are shown on the site. Another hour to follow a similar process of the videos. Then I take a half hour or so to look through pics to find some to upload for the slideshow.

Someday, Christina will tell me I'm crazy for doing it. And someday after that she will tell me it is great. And... I do realize that these somedays have years between them.

New news on Christina's wheelchair. The appointment is scheduled for her fitting. The chair will be fitted just for her. We have been told to plan on an all day affair. Oof.


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