Wednesday, April 27, 2011, 17:48 - General, Christina
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What a week.

Christina being sick really took a toll on the princess. With the round of flu she picked up it really upset her belly. Christina became very dehydrated and ended up going to Urgent Care and then to the Emergency Room. After several hours in the ER the doctor wanted to admit her. A couple hours later Christina was in a room taking a much needed nap.

I won't go into detail, but let's say once again when mom/dad tell the nurses Christina is difficult to get a line started, they mean it. With a dose of Versed, three people holding her down, one person sticking only two lines blew before getting the IV started on number three. Let me see that commercial again for the hospital telling me how quick, and wonderful of a job they do. At least there is only ONE mistake at a time.

After lots of fluids via IV and a round of meds via the IV Christina was on track to back to normal. With lots of hugs and kisses and some make shift playtime in the hospital room Christina was discharged by lunch time on Tuesday.

Christina was very hungry and once the OK came from the doc she ate with huge bites. Today, Wednesday, Christina is much better and seems back to her normal self. We're still wondering whether Christina should go to school tomorrow. It is a safe bet if we ask her she will say yes. Christina really enjoys school.

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