Daddy's Log 20110404 
Tuesday, April 05, 2011, 00:16 - General
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Daddy's Log 20110404

I have been working on the pictures and videos pages. The pictures page lays out well. The downside is the number of pictures. I display 100 per page, but it is still not easy to find anything. I would not call it difficult, just not easy. The videos I have opted to upload an mp4 version. It is a smaller file size and plays on most browsers. I have also started experimenting with some of the HTML5 tags. So far success with some learning of the methods used by the hosting service(see note below). The video files are still large, especially starting after the first of the year. I opted to record in HD starting 2011/01/01. I can say this though, watching them is worth every moment it takes to load, but I may be biased.

The pages for the pictures and the videos require a username and password. Please let me know and I can get it setup for you. After a request in court to not have the pictures available to the public I setup the login pages. I love to share the pictures and videos of Christina, just ask.

I am also trying to keep up with the slideshow of pictures. The slideshow page is still available to everyone. Only an email address is needed. This keeps the search engines from indexing the pictures and the spammers and the bots. It has been beneficial in keeping the visitors limited to those who really want to see them. For those who get an email upon update, clicking the link avoids having to enter your email address. If you read your email like I do in plain text the link looks funky. The end is a bunch of characters telling the server "Hey, you gave me the link; let me see the pics". At least for a simple explanation. ;)

I found some more options to display pictures and I will look into it. It looks nice and they market it stating that it is easy to organize and view large amounts of data whether it be news, pictures, feeds, videos, etc. Apparently I fall into the category: "How many pictures?" because it will not be useful for viewing all of the pictures. I'm thinking a replacement for or maybe a supplement to the current slideshow. What I did like are the apps available for the various smart phones allowing them to view this data. That would mean I could see it on the iPod.

Goodnight to all and to all a goodnight.

note: I will say it now as I have to anyone who has asked. If you want a professional site do not use a cheap host. I should rephrase that, even some of the more expensive hosts do not do a good job. For those who understand it is a huge undertaking to attempt to provide service and support while maintaining a level of security. Since I host this blog with an inexpensive provider my expectations are not high; however, it is frustrating when you have to go in and create/edit an access file so an audio file in a standard format will play. Video tags to come.

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