Wheelchair Evaluation 
Tuesday, March 29, 2011, 13:47 - General, Christina, Doctor
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Yes, it has been too long since the last update.

Christina had a wheelchair evaluation at Gillette this past Thursday. It went well and we learned a little more about what is out there for options for Christina. The two popular choices being from Sunrise Medical and Invacare. Christina's current wheelchair a.k.a. Kid Kart is made by Sunrise and it is one of the worst items any of us have ever used. Obviously not designed by anyone who ever had to use it. So our choice was obvious, give Invacare a try with the Solaris. Since most medical equipment is bulky, heavy, awkward, and difficult to sum it up; I am keeping my fingers crossed. Invacare, don't let my baby down! We have a trial chair coming in a few weeks. It will be larger than the chair Christina would have, but should give us a good idea how to navigate inside and out with it.

Christina's teeth have been pretty consistent keeping her uncomfortable. I will be very glad when those molars poke through for good. I can hardly imagine how happy Christina will be.

Christina has been a fan of our adventures outside. With warmer temperatures and less wind we have made a point to go out as much as we can. It was very cute to watch Christina walk to the back door to go out on the deck. Her reaching for the door handle was all I needed to bundle us up and to the deck we went.

Christina has also been on a swinging kick. She enjoys laying belly down in the swing and using whatever limbs she can to get herself moving. With her desire to swing I started bringing various toys over so we can play with both.

We are also still waiting for Christina's Communication Device(iPad). It is ordered, but has not arrived. I am looking forward to hearing more of Christina's words.

There is more to update and I will do so as soon as possible.

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