Good Mood 
Sunday, September 05, 2010, 23:01 - General
Posted by Administrator
Young Athletes is done this round and Christina has shown improvement in her abilities both physical and social.

School starts soon and Christina will be going four days a week. She will be in the morning class. She is growing up so fast.

Christina has gotten better using the 'pony'. Sometimes she needs help getting started, but once she gets going she is off to the races.

Thursday Christina started to get sick with a small fever and more mucus than usual. By Friday the fever went up. Christina is still in good spirits.

Christina has also continued being very talkative. She has increased her efforts in helping me to better understand what she is trying to say.

Saturday Christina still had a little fever for part of the day, but what a good mood. The little firecracker woke up in an exceptionally good mood and it lasted all day. She even enjoyed all of her stretches.

Sunday Christina still had that little sickness, but again in good spirits. I think Christina likes the cooler weather.

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