Junior Fair 
Monday, August 02, 2010, 21:41
Posted by Administrator
The Junior Fair was this weekend. Christina enjoyed the kid's tent and petting zoo. Christina did well waiting her turn in line for the games. We also went for a few wagon rides this weekend. Christina is a huge fan of the wagon, she tries extra hard to keep her head up.

With the warm weather it was a good time to go through the sprinkler. A nice way to cool off from the fair.

Christina and I also experimented with the swing. Daddy got some ideas from Peg and we tried them on Sunday.

Christina has been playing with flash cards and her switch for awhile. It has gone well, but Sunday she showed off. Christina displayed how smart she is and her four year old attitude. We had a blast. She couldn't keep a serious look for long and busted out laughing every time she hit the switch to tease me.

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