Mommy and Me 
Tuesday, April 27, 2010, 06:50
Posted by Administrator
On Saturday Angela and Christina went to the Mommy and Me program at the UWEC Planetarium. Christina was able to see some of kids she met at other Mommy and Me activities.

Coming up is the UCP Walk that Angela and Christina will participate in.

Christina has been doing wonderful in her gait trainer. I am not sure how to even begin telling you how hard Christina trys. She grabs her handles and will grab them when reminded. Her little hands get sweaty and they slip. I also tried the arm strap and Christina tolerated it with no tears. She made a face, but no complaints.

Christina also used her Kid Kart to sit at the table and color. Christina knows what colors she wants to use and will also wait until I get it right when she wants a pen and not crayons.

I will also work on getting pictures up for you to see. As you all know we take lots and lots of pictures. To give you and idea, we are well over the 30,000 mark. That is only pictures of Christina and does not include videos.

Have a good day and enjoy the sunshine if you have it.

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